1. Back to School Checklist

    Back to School Checklist
    Heading back to school is a stressful endeavor, especially if you're moving out of your home to attend college. As you pack, you may easily overlook a few important items, such as extra batteries for your electronic devices or important personal documents. Before you finalize your preparations, create a checklist to ensure that you bring the most important items with...
  2. A Breakthrough in Battery Technology

    A Breakthrough in Battery Technology
    Battery Technology The idea of storing energy from renewable sources in batteries that are themselves made from renewable sources has certain poetry to it. A wooden battery might deserve an entire poem for itself. In fact, that battery is more than a fantasy. A team of researchers at the University of Maryland has developed a battery that uses wood – yellow pine, to be precise – as a substrate, reporting that the use of wood fibers avoids major problems that have long plagued some batteries. Continue reading →
  3. Taking Batteries into the New Year - 2013 Resolutions

    We’ve made it through the Black Friday rush.  The one that started on Thanksgiving, right after dinner’s dishes were washed and lasted clear into the next week.   On average, people spent $423 each that single day! Then, we successfully passed the end of the world.  12-21-12 didn’t have the same apocalyptic kick that the hype led us to believe.  Maybe this is because the Mayans were completely wrong.  After all, this isn’t the first time the calendar has ended and the world kept on turning.  Remember when BC switched to AD?  Or, perhaps, December 21st would have been a global celebration rather than destruction, since the ancient civilization traditionally celebrated the New Year on that day.  I particularly like to believe a recent commercial in which the company Jell-O makes a sacrifice to appease the angry gods. After that, came Christmas itself.  Continue reading →
  4. Winter On the Way - Are Your Batteries Ready?

    Winter On the Way - Are Your Batteries Ready?
    Batteryman Jet Ski vs SnowmobileBatteryman comments: "Summer or winter, batteries that are not being used should be protected." Winter is almost here.  The seasonal change from green grass and short-shorts to Jack Frost, scarves, and gloves can bring about many adjustments to daily life.  Out with the roller blades and in with the ice skates.  Flip the switch from leaf blower to snow blower.  It’s time to pack up motorcycles, jet skis, speed boats, etc. and rip the cover off that snowmobile.  Nobody, though, could possibly enjoy getting the entire family bundled up in winter gear for an afternoon of kicking up fresh fallen powder, just to find a dead battery that could take an hour to get charged.  In this transitional time of the year, it is important to consider how to properly maintain the battery in a power sports vehicle during extended periods without use.  First, what causes a battery to lose its charge when not being used?  Then, what can be done to stop it? Continue reading →
  5. The Colony build a Battery Bank for Power

    The Colony on Discovery Channel build a battery bank to provide energy to power the compound they occupy. Find out what it takes to survive without an abundant supply of energy.

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