Coin Cells

Coin cells - also known as button cells - are small batteries known for their size and shape. They are thin and round, very much like a coin or button. The smallest of these are used for hearing aids and other similar products. These are typically made of zinc-air chemistry, which gives them a higher capacity and a slightly shorter lifetime. One step up in diameter is the watch battery. Alkaline and silver oxide are the possible chemical compositions of these button cells. For a complete description of everything you might need to know about choosing the correct battery for your watch, check out our page dedicated to watch batteries.

The largest on the list of power's smallest tools is the lithium coin cell. They are primary Lithium, meaning these single-use batteries are non-rechargeable. However, their low self-discharge means they will last over one year of constant use in many cases. Lithium coin cells are also well known for retaining their charge in storage, sometimes up to 10+ years! These are great batteries to buy in bulk because you never have to worry about them dying before you can use them. What are these button cells used for, though?

Coin Cell Cross Reference & Specifications

If you need help figuring out what coin cell you have or need, you can use our Coin Cell Cross Reference. It breaks down the popular size into dimensions, volts, amps, and commonly known as model numbers.

Uses of Primary Lithium Coin Cells

Some coin cells, such as the CR2032, are commonly used in underground, unnoticed work. They power household items such as a calculator, thermometer, and car alarm keyfob. The battery in these items rarely dies (unlike the television remote that constantly needs new AAs), so we may not fully appreciate the role our tiny button cell plays until, one day, it finally runs out of power. Other sizes, like the CR2335, are unusual and hard to find. These may be used in specialty applications such as keyless door entry, toll passes, COMS, and backup for the motherboard in computers. Even what is rarely used in the home may be commonly seen in repair work of small appliances and dozens of medical equipment.

If this sounds like the type of battery you need, browse our selection of popular, quality brands like Exell, Energizer, Kodak, and Panasonic. You can shop by size or by brand just below here. If you have any questions about finding a suitable coin cell, call us at 1-800-515-BIAF.

We also carry rechargeable batteries in some of the exact same sizes as coin cells! These are used primarily for building battery packs.

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