Motorcycle / ATV Batteries / Chargers

Motorcycle / ATV Batteries / Chargers

Nothing beats the feel of wind against your face, speeding down a winding street, just you, your motor, and the road. Whether you ride a classic, thundering Harley or a sleek rocket like a Honda or Kawasaki, proper maintenance is a key to stay on the road as long as possible without troubles. One essential element is the battery. Here at we have options for all your motorcycle battery needs, from BMW, to Husaberg, to Yamaha on all levels of excellence. If you are looking simply to replace the original battery with an equivalent, or even if you want an upgrade that takes performance to the top, we have what you are looking for.

We offer several ways to go about looking for a battery, since one part can fit so many different bikes. Feel free to browse the selection by brand below, but there are ways to refine the search. If you know the model number of the battery you need, go ahead and use the search bar. Even better would be if you know the model number for the universal equivalent. For example YT7B-BS. If you type this number into the search bar, it will provide you with a list of all the possibilities that will fit just your bike in many different performance levels. To look specifically for your motorcycle by bike model rather than battery model, try the battery finder at the top of the page or just below here. This allows you to search by brand and model. If you have any questions, feel free to call toll free at (800) 515-BIAF.

Choosing the Right Battery
With hundreds of options to choose from, it can be hard to know where to start, but there are several important factors to keep in mind: Voltage, Size and Chemistry

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Voltage: This is bike specific. When looking for a replacement battery, be sure that the voltage "V" corresponds with the battery already in your bike or the option listed in the motorcycle manual.

Size: This is also important to ensure it matches the original battery, or the new one may not fit properly. However, certain replacement batteries, such as the Motobatt MB16AU, come with expanders in order to fit more than one model. Be certain to take note if expanders are offered or not.


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Chemistry: The chemistry of a battery effects many things, including its lifetime, performance, simplicity, and cost. If the bike manufacturer does not specify otherwise, you can change the chemistry of your battery so that it accurately suits your needs.

  • Conventional batteries are the least expensive type of motorcycle battery, but this is because they require much maintenance. They require regularly adding water and acid due to electrolysis through both use and disuse. They also discharge faster than other chemistries.

  • Sealed Lead Acid batteries use absorbed gel mat (AGM) technology to prevent leakage even when upside down and also increase CCA. Because it is valve regulated and sealed, SLA is a maintenance free solution that never needs to be refilled with acid.

  • Dry Charged AGM batteries are similar to SLA batteries. In fact, they can be considered maintenance free and spill-proof. However, it is necessary to fill them with battery acid once before they can be used as these batteries are shipped "Dry."

  • Gel Cell batteries are thus named because the electrolyte is suspended in a thick gel that prevents leakage. Often times AGM Batteries are mistakenly identified as Gel Cell Batteries. Both batteries have similar traits; such as being non spillable, deep cycle, may be mounted in any position, low self discharge, and safe for use in limited ventilation areas. However, they are not the same. These batteries excel in slow discharge rates, but Gel batteries must be recharged correctly or the battery will suffer premature failure.

  • Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have no explosive gasses in comparison to lead-acid alternatives. They are also ultra-light, longer lasting, and faster charging. This is the top of the line deep-cycle battery, with UPG's brand new Phantom Series.
For more information about how batteries work, you can read all about them on our battery knowledge base.

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