Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs

Old And Used Electronic Home Waste.

In recent years there have been steep advances in electronics, and with it all, an equally strong public interest that has led many to utilize various forms of technology in everyday life. However, with all of the new gadgets, there also comes the hassle of keeping everything in order. A person can quickly become overwhelmed by the responsibility of maintaining a growing collection of electronic items. Luckily, there are many ways to streamline the growing complications.

Home Media Center

One great way to recycle old electronics is to turn them into media centers. Programs such as Plex or XBMC are easily downloaded onto old operating systems, or even flashed onto old hardware that can then be connected to a TV for a personal home media center.

Organize Cords

After so much time, the multitude of electronic gadgets that can be attached to modern entertainment centers begins to create a mess. A great way to organize the wires is with common twisty ties. This will get rid of the cluttered look behind your entertainment center and they come with everything from food to electronics.

Reuse old Smartphones

Use old smartphones as remote controls. Although cell phones don’t have service once the sim card is removed, they can still be connected to the internet. App markets have remote controls for everything from computers to those media centers that were discussed earlier.

Reuse old computer Parts

Another great way to satisfy the growing need for electronics is to re-purpose old computer parts. Instead of simply throwing out old computers, or any electronic items, check to see if there are old parts that can be reused. Even if the parts aren't useful to you personally, they can sometimes be sold online for a little extra cash.

Rewire old adapters

Old plugs and adapters tend to get worn down, but that doesn't mean they should be immediately discarded. Sometimes with a simple set of wire cutters, they can be spliced, and will work fine so long as the bare wires are covered well with the proper electrical tape.

Create a Home Network

Networking all the computers within a home is a great way to save time by sharing media and other files. Instead of having to copy to a USB drive, or a cloud service, a common file system can be accessed by all the computers within the network.

Streamline Your Email

Keep email clean and sorted by unsubscribing to spam. Use mail clients to organize different accounts. Keep contacts well updated and sorted as well.

Master Keyboard Shortcuts

It could also help to learn keyboard shortcuts on the computer. Many people never learned simple things like tabbing on selections to go the next one or pressing escape to exit a video that can help to simplify navigation.

Use TV as Power Source

Use TVs USB ports to power electronic items. If there are certain electronic gadgets that you only want to have on when the TV turns on then doing this will allow them to power on and off with the push of a button.

Create a Home Arcade

Many video game consoles can be modified in order to convert them into virtual gaming arcades. This is an easy way to create hours of entertainment for the whole family.