Free Batteries - Where to get them

Free Batteries!! This is what everyone needs to know these days. Where to get them and how. Everything you own anymore is wifi enabled, connected, bluetooth ready, wireless and so on. With all these electronics staying up on batteries can be tricky, not to mention expensive. So I will show you a trick I use in the office for all of our TV remotes, wireless mice, keyboards and more. Let the video be your guide.

Recycled Free Batteries - The Easy Way

The trick is simple. Head down to your local hardware store or battery store. Once there, find the recycling center and ask for the recycled alkaline batteries. Trust me, they will give them to you since alkaline batteries are not really accepted by any recyclers because they are not cost effective to recycle.

You will need a voltmeter. You can find a cheap one from Harbor Freight or Amazon for around $10. Once you have your bag of recycled alkaline batteries and you voltmeter, you can begin finding the gems.

In alkaline batteries such as AA, AAA, C, D & 9V batteries, your looking for a voltage of 1.3 or better. So set your meter to DC volts to begin testing. In each batch of batteries you get Im sure that you will reclaim at least 10% good useable batteries. You can also use this trick for rechargeable batteries. The voltage will be different though. You will be looking for batteries that are at least 0.8V or better. This means that they are probably still will accept a charge. With rechargeable this is a bit of hit or miss, so be patient.

After you find all the free batteries, then just keep them stored at room temperature neatly in container that will keep them from shorting out. This will ensure the batteries are good when you go to use them.

Happy Hunting.