Get 18650 Batteries From Laptop Batteries

18650 batteries are a necessity for any do-it-yourself'er. If you going to build a project that needs batteries then more than likely your going to use 18650 batteries.  The problem is that they can be expensive if you're buying them retail or even on the internet at an ecommerce store. Check out the video to see how many you can get.

Pulling 18650 Batteries from Laptop Batteries

Assuming that you have a laptop battery that you are ready to tear into, lets talk about the precautions. You will first need to open the casing but you will need to be careful not to slice into the cells as this could cause a fire. When opening the casing use gloves and an utility knife to trace the seem. It may take several passes before the case is able to be opened.

After the casing is open and the cells are exposed, the wires and ribbon cable attached to the circuitry need to be cut with wire cutters. The cells inside the casing maybe glued or taped securely into the casing. You will need to use a flat blade screwdriver to pry them loose. Be careful not to crush the cells during this process.

After you have removed the cells then you can start to cut the cells apart from each other. Now that they are separated you will need just clean up the cell terminal by using needle nose pliers to roll off any remaining tab remnants.

Which deals to buy on eBay & Amazon

When looking for laptop batteries on eBay or Amazon you will need to use the advanced search options to get the best deals. Below you will find the options I used and the links to each marketplace.

Use the advanced search method when searching for any products on eBay or Amazon to narrow in on the best option available for what you want to buy.

  • eBay - - Use Search Keyword: Laptop Battery, Price Range: set it to $20 - $30, Condition: set to New, Format: Buy-It-Now, (Optional) Capacity: 5200mAh
  • Amazon Under $25 - Use Search Keyword: Laptop Battery, Price Range: Under $30, Condition: set to New, Customer Review: 4 Star or Better