Batteries Not Included - How To Check Old Alkaline Batteries

Batteries Not Included, how I shudder at the thought.

Picture if you will being stranded on an island, in your living room called Your Couch...  Left holding your best friend, dead in your hands... named TV RemoteOr.. Your child finally gets the toy thats they have begging you for, goes to open it tries to play with it and nothing! What happened, why? You look at the package and its says "Batteries Not Included." Dead batteries or not included are the worst.

Batteries Not Included, Why?

I have often wondered why batteries are not included. They use every means to convince you to buy their product but leave you with a first impression of disappointment. Simply because they didn't provide batteries. Shouldn't the company consider the buyers first impression of there unboxing experience? In mass volume such as a national product release, AA or AAA alkaline batteries are mere cents on the dollar. However, if they did include them, your experience would be that much more pleasant with product and company. So what do you do now that you forget to get a pack of batteries and the stores are closed?

Battery Drop Test Could Be Your Solution

A battery drop is exactly like it sounds. You drop the battery to help you determine which batteries have more of a charge. This test works with alkaline batteries only. There is no point doing a battery drop test on a rechargeable battery. If it is dead, then just go charge it. Fair enough? This is not a 100% accurate test and generally only works for batteries with about 50% charge or greater. Check out the study Princeton University did.

How do a battery drop test?

Hold an alkaline battery about 6 inches above a solid surface like a granite countertop or solid wood table. Drop the battery on its end, if bounces then it is has 50% or less of its full charge. If it has no bounce or very little bounce then it has 60% or better of its charge left. Check the video out for the demonstration of the battery drop test.

As I stated before this isn't a sure fire way to test a battery but it will give you a good generalization of the batteries ability.