How Many Batteries Are In An Average Household?

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If you are like most people, you only think about batteries when one of your devices has died and you roam desperately around the house searching for a backup or a charger. But, if you really knew exactly how much your life depended on batteries, you might not take them for granted. Every room in your house uses batteries. If you doubt it, here's a look at the average family's battery use.

In the Kitchen

Scan your kitchen for just a few minutes and you'll discover at least one or two things that need a battery. Start with the clock on the wall. Do you have a smoke alarm in your kitchen? Do you keep a flashlight handy in the pantry? Is there a cordless phone on the counter? How about a radio? Battery-powered household appliances are becoming so popular you can even find one in your "Swiffer" mop.

In the Family Room

Let’s begin with probably the most prominent feature of your living room – the television. It may not take a battery, but its remote control sure does. If you've ever played "battery shuffle" in your home, you soon realize how many battery-operated things there are in the family room, including game controllers and hand-held gaming devices. If you have a computer station in your family room, your computer's mouse needs a battery as does its wireless keyboard along with any laptops. You might have a desk clock or a cordless pencil sharpener. If you have an infant sleeping in another room, you may be using a baby monitor. Each takes a battery.

In the Bedroom

In your child's room, you don't have to look far to discover something utilizing a battery. There may be battery-powered toy cars, trucks, or trains. They may own dolls that talk or stuffed animals that move. Teens likely have an array of MP3 players, tablets and portable DVD players. In your room there's probably an alarm clock, an eBook reader and of course, that watch on your dresser. In the bathroom there is a battery-operated toothbrush and that electric razor, that’s fueled by battery as well. And, if you're like most families, everyone's got a cell phone.

In the Closet

Even in the closets of your home are hidden things that need batteries. Items like digital cameras or camcorders. There may be holiday décor, such as wireless candles and other battery-powered decorations for both inside and outside the home. If you use your closet as a place of storage, you are likely to find numerous, and sometimes unexpected, items that all require batteries.

In the Garage

Your garage door opener has a battery and the car you drive certainly does. In fact, the garage is full of things that are battery operated. Your tool box may include a cordless drill, screwdriver or other battery-powered gear. There are battery-powered utility lights, leaf-blowers and lawn mowers. Even the family dog may have a battery in his collar to make sure he stays in the yard.

So, how many batteries are in an average household? A household of just two people can have anywhere from 20 to 60 batteries in use at any time, but these days, we wouldn’t be surprised if more often than not this number is even higher. This number goes up depending on how many people live in the home and how many battery-operated appliances and gadgets they each have and how many they share. One a national level, approximately 2.9 million batteries are used in the U.S each year. So, when you really think about it, can you imagine a life without batteries??