Lenmar PowerPort Hub PPUHUB6 Coming Soon

Innovation or Renovation??

Lenmar is in the process of releasing a Universal Charging Station or PowerPort (PPUHUB6). It will be revealed to distributors and guests of the Las Vegas 2009 CES Show which is slated to win a CES 2009 Innovation Award, but does it deserve it?

The picture and spec sheet are all I have to work with in reviewing the PPUHUB6 and it appears to be a powered USB hub multiplied. Although not an entirely new concept, it is a better way to charge your devices. It will eliminate the need to find multiple power outlets to charge your cell phone, iPod, PSP and other USB toys.

What Does It Do?

Simply take your compatible cellphone, pda, iPhone/iPod or any USB device and plug them in simultaneously to charge. You can charge up to 6 devices at one time;
and of course, charging time will vary for each device. There is also a handy storage built into it for your tips so that you do not lose them.

What Can I Power With It?

The PowerPort comes ready to charge any USB chargeable device. It also come with tips to charge select Motorola, Blackberry, Samsung and LG cell phones. As an added bonus there is a tip to charge you iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. If you a Lenmar product user you are probably familiar with their Portable Power line which allows you to charge your devices on the go. Now you will be able to charge them as well as your phones and iPods. There are also other tips you can buy to add to it if your plug is not in the set provided.

Will I Use It?

Even though I said that it not truly a new idea it still is a stellar idea that I can use to help me free myself from 9 AC chargers for each device I use, and trust me I use a lot of different USB devices. Also it will help me from losing them if they are in one easy to use central location. What are your thoughts on the PowerPort?
Find out more about it at BatteriesInAFlash.com