Dont let your cell phone battery die on you, here is how to prevent itThe battery is dead, again. What happened? A few months ago, this battery would last for days. Now it is lucky to survive during the waking hours. It was fully charged last night. Today, battery life is essential, especially with the advent of smart phones that can play music, games, text message, do homework, and occasionally operate as a phone. Many people have opted to lose the land line and go completely mobile. This is all fine, until the battery dies while standing in the middle of Times Central Station with no way to charge it.

Fortunately, there exists several techniques to extend the battery life of your cell phone. The biggest thing to look at considering battery life are how long the battery lasts between charges and prolonging the overall life of the battery. The following is several tips to prolonging the life of the battery, to make sure the phone is always working its best. The most critical function is when the cell phone is on, and away from the docking station. How long does the battery last between charges? Here are some tips to prolonging just how long that time is.

Simplest Technique of All

The simplest technique is to turn the phone off. Yes, Yes, easier said than done. However, if in an area with no signal, or if you just don't want to talk to anyone, turn the phone off. It is the easiest way to prolong the life between charges. The same holds true if you find yourself in an area with low signal. The phone will constantly want that better signal. It will search until it finds one, eating the precious battery life in the process. Combat this by turning the phone off, or getting an antennae booster. Another serious saver is turning off unnecessary functions. Processes like back-lighting, vibrate, and connecting to the internet are a near constant drain. The same goes for bluetooth, infrared, wifi, GPS, and all of the cool functions that are not always necessary.

What Else Can I Do?

Cell phone battery techniques that give extra power

As far as the overall life span goes, there are several techniques to expand the life span. First know which battery is in the phone and operate accordingly. Nickel-Cadmium operate differently then Lithium-Ion. Make sure to fully charge the battery before use, for Ni-Cd charge for 16 hours before use. Then make sure to deep cycle and completely discharge the battery four to five times to get the optimum battery usage. For Lithium Ion, charge for 6 hours before use, and make sure to never fully discharge them. Every complete discharge for a lithium ion battery reduces the capacity. Other methods to keep the life going is to store batteries properly and to keep them cool during use.

These techniques will make sure the battery life will be there when you need it most. Don't be caught stranded without your phone. Make sure to follow these simple techniques to optimize your battery life. Replacement batteries can be expensive, especially when using the smart phones of today. All of the nifty gadgets are cool, but only use them when necessary. Make sure you know how to take care of the battery, and it will take care of you. If all else fails and you just need a new cell phone battery, get it BatteriesInAFlash.com