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Once a reality I scoffed at and had not interest in, has now become an everyday reality. I had always thought, who would spend there day putting excerpts of there of there lives on a website for others to read. Then I decided to try it for myself to become more socially involved with the customers and individuals that we work with everyday. That's when I got caught in the Twine of Twitter. Before I go one, Please tweet this blog if you feel kind. I want to add more followers. Follow me on Twitter - @BatteryMan. In turn I will follow you. Thank you!!

So does my previous statement make me a hypocrite?

It definitely sounds that way to me; however, I don't believe that to be the case. I was misinformed on all of the benefits of using Twitter. It's has all of the benefits of social networking without the trouble of writing long, thought consuming blogs like this one. By the time I am done it will probably have taken me at least a hour and half to write this from start to end. I type slow and change my mind to much..

What changed my mind?

I subscribed to a number of social network newsletters like SiteProNews and SEO News to help me stay update to date with the latest internet trends. Over the span of my subscriptions I have used a lot of there suggestion and one that I resisted using was Twitter to promote your business and yourself. I also subscribed to Wired magazine that always has great articles of people making significant advances in there fields. Once again, I noticed the mention of Twitter from such influential people like President Obama, Tony Hsieh from Zappos, Steve Jobs and so on. Determined now to build my Twitter community and new people, I have been reaching out with thoughts, information and personality.

Information is next to Godliness!

While the saying "He Who Has the Gold Makes the Rules" still remains true. I believe a new era is upon us and a wise man once said "If knowledge is power, then a god am I!" -The Riddler (Batman Forever). While that was pretty funny what I just said I do believe it to be true. Information of who we are, what we are and will become is the most important factor to growing as an individual and a company. That sounds a little strange so I will explain.

Simply put, if I capture the what people feel, think and want and in turn provided them with a little of that then I have succeeded as a business. Reaching out LISTENING, Responding and Reacting to individuals helps build trust between them and me. In a world of delusions it's hard to trust people, companies or even a government. Our lives have become engulfed with new technologies but we are still slaves to our 5 senses and primal instinct that ultimately want to be satisfied. I'm not only trying to build a brand but Customer Relationships. Follow me