Top 10 Latest and Greatest Holiday Decorations

christmas decorations

Holiday décor is available in a variety of styles as every person enjoys applying their own unique flair to the holiday season. Frequently, people choose to decorate with traditional items that have been passed down to them or with items that they have grown accustomed to displaying, year after year.  As wonderful as traditions can be, it can also be a bit refreshing to mix things up. We've compiled a list of some of 2013's latest and greatest holiday decorations that you might want to consider adding to your repertoire of holiday decorations to incorporate a modern twist.

Color Changing Tree Topper

This vibrant color changing tree topper combines technology with tradition. The fun piece of décor features LED lights and a frosted glass exterior to add a little pizzazz to the top of your Christmas tree.

Old School Holiday Wreath

The 8-bit LED Holiday Wreath is a modern decorative item that will dress up your front door in a truly unique, yet festive style to satisfy anyone's inner "nerd." Crafted of durable EVA foam, the video game inspired wreath features blinking gold coins, colorful cherries, an iconic game controller, and the infamous green mushroom dawning a Santa hat.

Wireless Christmas Tree

Why bother with the mess and clutter of wires when today you can purchase a Christmas tree that uses wireless technology to power its lights? These multi-colored LED lights are shaped like candy canes and contain wireless receivers which allow power to be transmitted using an RF Frequency technology, much like Bluetooth. Simply place the lights around the tree and watch the watch in awe as it begin to glow.

USB Tree

With the USB tree, bring the holiday cheer to your workplace. Resembling a Christmas tree, this tiny replica is a popular holiday item that mixes things up by changing color every few seconds.

Snowflake Digital Frame

The Snowflake Digital Frame is the ideal item for personalizing your Christmas tree this holiday season. The small frame, shaped as a snowflake, can  store more than 50 pictures, allowing you to display all of your favorite holiday moments.

Clear Crystal Snowflakes

This year, purchase a set of clear snowflake lights for interior or exterior decoration with efficient LED technology. The set includes 35 units that are 12 inches tall and offer a subtle, soft glow, perfect for creating a beautiful wintry night effect.

Holiday Searchlights

When you buy the Holiday Searchlight Set, you can add an eye-catching detail to your home’s exterior. The unit casts three holiday images across the front of your home. It also plays 20 festive songs. With this set, you’ll receive 75 different holiday scenes that depict images such as snowmen, candy canes and ornaments. The images can even flash or perform a choreographed light show in sync with the music.

CD Ornaments

Help the environment this holiday season and incorporate eco-friendly decorating into your usual spread. Adorn your Christmas tree with ornaments made from recycled CDs. These unique trinkets are shaped like Christmas trees and reflect lights and color as they twirl around the tree.

Magnetic Christmas Lights

Individual magnetic LED lights let you decorate a variety of objects for the holidays. You can add them to the body of your car, metal door frames or windows as well as home appliances that contain a metal façade. You can also buy candle style magnetic lights. The holiday decoration features a flickering bulb to mimic real candles. Each one has a magnet on the bottom, which allows you to place them securely in diverse places.

Pathway Markers

Holiday themed pathway markers will surely enhance the outside of your house's holiday décor, as well as provide some practical pathway lighting for any guests you may have over. The markers look like the old bulb Christmas lights and come in a variety of festive colors.