Removable vs. Sealed Laptop Batteries

Anyone who is in the market for a new laptop should be aware that there are two different battery types to choose from.  Removable batteries can be easily interchanged for convenience. Sealed laptop batteries are essentially stuck inside of the computer and cannot be changed unless a person who is knowledgeable about computer parts takes the laptop apart. Each of these sources of power has benefits and disadvantages.

Removable Laptop Batteries

It is standard for a laptop battery to be removable. Most models of laptops allow a person to change the battery themselves. The argument for a removable laptop battery is that it is convenient for people who will be using their laptop while they do not have access to a power outlet. These on-the-go individuals can switch out batteries when one dies to ensure that they will be able to continue working or playing when they cannot find another source of power.

The biggest disadvantage to using a removable laptop battery is that the useful life of such a battery starts to significantly decline after a short period of time. Many laptops see a large dip in battery life after less than two years of use. However, the fact that a person can simply purchase a new battery and perform a replacement without the help of a professional makes removable batteries an attractive option.

Sealed Laptop Batteries

Sealed laptop batteries are kept within a laptop in a way that makes it impossible for a person to switch out batteries on a regular basis. These batteries are difficult to replace, and most manufacturers ask that customers visit a store or send the laptop in for a battery replacement. This inconvenience may not be reasonable when a laptop is being used for important business or academic projects.

The benefit of sealed laptop batteries is that they have a longer useful life over time. It takes far longer for a sealed battery to start to lose its ability to hold a charge than a removable battery. Apple estimates that its sealed battery laptops only lose about 20 percent of their ability to hold a charge after 1,000 discharges of the battery. Individuals who fully charge and discharge their battery once per day would enjoy the full capacity of the battery for up to three years.

The best option for people who need to have a reliable battery is purchasing a new battery on a regular basis to enjoy the full capacity of a removable power source. Laptop batteries from Batteries in a Flash give laptop users the ability to keep their computer up and running at all times.