1. 6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines

    6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines
    Electric Car And Gasoline Car Concept. Hand Holding Gas Pump And Cars aren't the only thing making the switch from gas to electricity. From lawnmowers to entire power plants, the gas engine is being replaced by batteries for a more efficient way of powering items. Let's examine why some items run better with batteries before looking at the numerous items being redesigned to work on electricity. Why Switch to Batteries? Batteries and the use of electricity represents a better solution for many things over combustion engines. Electrical items provide the same mobility as traditional tools, but they're quieter, produce less heat and tend to be more efficient in their usage of energy than their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. Continue reading →
  2. Charging on the Go: Top 5 Portable Chargers

    Charging on the Go: Top 5 Portable Chargers
    Charging A Mobile People are growing increasingly reliant on their smartphones and other technology to navigate the world. However, these sleek pieces of engineering become nothing more than bricks when they do not have sufficient power. Below are five of the best solutions in the form of portable chargers for this common nuisance. Continue reading →
  3. Using a Battery Maintainer Saves Time and Money

    Using a Battery Maintainer Saves Time and Money
    Maintaining your motorcycle, jetski, snowmobile battery with a maintainer saves you money. Batteries are an essential component to each of your vehicles. These devices power both the electronics and the starting systems of your car, boat or motor home. While everyday vehicles can recharge their batteries through the vehicle's alternator, vehicles that aren't used regularly require special charging and...
  4. Cell Phone & Smart Phone Battery Survivalist Guide

    The battery is dead, again. What happened? A few months ago, this battery would last for days. Now it is lucky to survive during the waking hours. It was fully charged last night. Today, battery life is essential, especially with the advent of smart phones that can play music, games, text message, do homework, and occasionally operate as a phone. Many people have opted to lose the land line and go completely mobile. This is all fine, until the battery dies while standing in the middle of Times Central Station with no way to charge it.

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