You may have noticed that I am an iPhone fan and I have been looking for an app to help keep on top of my feeds. So I have been reviewing the different apps for RSS feeds. Here what I found.

SimpleRSS app in the iTunes Store, Download it free

SimpleRSS - Free
This is a free app that will pull one feed of your choice at a time. This is a handy worry free app that does not have any bells or whistles, hence Simple RSS. The app, unlike the others I will mention; does not have any bugs but lacks functionality that you may be acustomed to.
Download SimpleRSS now from iTunes Store

Feeds app in the iTunes Store, Download it free

Feeds- $0.99
Only $0.99, a bargain for sure; but is it even worth the dollar? In early versions there were a few flaws but there have been recent improvements. Customers reviews are mostly positive and has a 3.5 star ranking. Your able to add your own feeds and in future releases will be able to read them offline.
Download Feeds now from iTunes Store

Byline app in the iTunes Store, Download it free

Byline - $9.99
This is hardly a free app but it does offer some features that the others dont. You can specify your own feeds as well as read them offline. Customer reviews are decent and it is rated with 3 stars
Download Byline now from iTunes Store

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