Featured Product of the Month: Steelie HobKnob Kit

Steelie Magnetic Hobnob Kit

Tablets and smartphones might provide for connectivity and entertainment nearly anywhere in the world, but that doesn't mean that they're always easy to handle. Almost everyone who owns one of these mobile devices has watched it slip out of their hands only to come to a crash on a counter or floor. That's where the Steelie HobKnob Kit comes into the picture. This innovative kit allows smartphone and tablet users to quickly affix a multi-purpose knob to their devices.

Why Use the Steelie HobKnob Kit?

Anyone who has broken or damaged a mobile device by dropping it or knocking it over before knows that replacing a smartphone or tablet can be pricey. The extended warranties and service plans offered on such devices might help shield consumers from losses, but many buyers see them as an expensive add on that won't do much to protect them from common problems such as water damage. For these mobile users, the Steelie HobKnob Kit provides an easy way to get a grip on a device, enhancing security and protecting the value of your smartphone or laptop. 

Improving Comfort with the Kit

Adding this unique handle and mini stand to a mobile device can also increase the user's overall comfort. Instead of looking for something to prop up a phone while watching a video, you can simply set the phone on its handle and watch without getting a crick in your neck. For those who read books and magazines on tablets and phones, the handle also provides a great solution for hand discomfort caused by gripping a small device. An ergonomic solution, the Steelie HobKnob Kit is ideal for individuals who regularly suffer from hand strain. 

How to Use the Steelie HobKnob Kit

One of the biggest reasons that the Steelie HobKnob Kit has been chosen as a featured product is its overall ease of use. To install the handle, buyers simply clean their device, peel and attach the knob to the center of the back of a smartphone or tablet. Knobs can also be affixed to the backs of rigid smartphone and tablet cases as it features a powerful neodymium magnet.

Use the Kit as a Handle

To use the knob as a handle, simply slide the narrow part of the knob between two fingers, allowing the ball of the knob to rest above the knuckles. Some individuals may find it comfortable to hold the knob in the hand like a marble, but be sure not to grip it too hard as doing so can cause discomfort. The magnet and silicon center allow for a strong grip and provide for smooth handling.

Use the Kit as a Stand

To use the knob as a stand, simply prop the device up so that it rests at a 45 degree angle away from you. So long as the knob has been properly centered and mounted, the device should stand on its own. Of course, it's important to check the stability of a surface before setting your device on it. Avoid using the handle as a stand on uneven, bumpy or steeply sloped surfaces.

When it comes to getting a hold on your mobile devices, nothing beats the Steelie HobKnob Kit. Designed to add convenience and prevent damage, any smartphone or tablet user can install one of these handles on a device quickly and easily.