See editorial note before considering attempting a laptop battery rebuild
How to Rebuild Your Laptop Battery

That laptop battery is not going to last forever. They never do. The cost of a new battery can set you back quite a bit, and always relying on wall outlets can be a hassle. If your battery is not up to par and dies quickly it may be time to replace. You don't always have to rely on others for all of your battery needs. This is a short introduction to how to do it yourself, and rebuild a laptop battery. This makes a fun project, but can be a bit dangerous. Safety first.

The first process of any DIY project is the tear down process. Breaking apart the battery casing can be a chore. The first step in the process is peeling away the stickers and exposing the seam of the battery. This is where you split the two halves that have been glued together. Good luck. Here is one tip, small snipers make the job take a long time. Try to keep the casing intact to be able to use for the reconstruction. This will make the finished device look less threatening to others.

After the cover is removed and all excess plastic is out of the way, you should see the individual cells. Make sure to carefully pop the cells off the glue base and do not short circuit any wires. It may be helpful to make a diagram of the wire leads before fully disconnecting the wires. A diagram can be useful when it comes time to reconnect to the charging circuit. The next phase of the rebuild is probably the most expensive and time consuming. Check out the video that shows the process. Remember each laptop battery is different and this article only show you the basic steps.

Video by Kipkay, Check out his Youtube Channel

Finding the appropriate sized battery can be a strenuous process. The process looks at battery size, cell capacity, and several other things. The internet searching may take almost as long as the shipping. Of course, this is the most time consuming because you have to wait for the shipping. Once you have the battery cells securely in your hand it is time for installation. The first step of the rebuild is prepping the batteries for install. Verify that the batteries are in the correct position and orientation compared to the diagram you made before.

Start by grouping the batteries with positive and negative sides. Hook the battery groups up to the power leads as the diagram you created states. Follow the diagram step by step, soldering as you go. Generally you will attach one group to the red power lead, followed by the groups of batteries in series and ending with the black power lead at the rear. After the soldering is complete and the wires are all done, congrats you have a battery. Add some protection by replacing the plastic parts you took off.

And last but not least... Don't forget to buy your replacement cells from us at - The most common cell used is the 18650 Li-Ion Battery. Be sure to replace the cells with the same type of battery size.

As fun as a project as this seems, is it really worth the time and effort? It is worth the experience, but unless you replace all of the parts you probably are not going to get your money's worth. It is hard to make a self built battery match refurbished or brand new batteries performance. On the plus side, it is a cool experiment that may earn you some respect. It is not something that should readily be pursued for a long term use.

WARNING: This blog and video are for informational purposes only and should not be attempted by anyone unless you have the proper equipment and understand the risk involved. The steps outlined are not exact steps and only general guidelines. Lithium Batteries are very volatile when not handled carefully and properly. We do not assume any responsibility for the attempt of this project.