One of the great things about being a technology based company right here in Las Vegas, NV is the privilege to attend CES every January. This year was no exception. Many people have said that CES 2013 was not near as impressive as previous conventions have been, and it is true that hundreds of booths were full of nothing more than glittery iPhone cases. However, this year seemed more of a transition year. Much of the technology already released is being improved upon. Focus was put upon waterproofing and ruggedizing the electronics we cherish, as well as making the technology we use bigger, faster, and more streamlined.

Mood Ring Brain Powered Cat Eart If these mood-based ears started twitching toward you, what would you do?

An 8-Core Android Smartphone, or a 92-inch capacitive touch screen TV may sound like just small adjustments when read on a website. Standing in a dark room and dragging pieces across a screen bigger than yourself is still pretty awe inspiring. A good chunk of the show centered around brain scanning sensors. This ranged from brain wave scans to verify your health, to puzzles that were controlled by changing how you focused, even to mentally-powered animal ears. Depending on your mood, these ears would wiggle, lay back, or stand up attentively. Anyone slightly creeped out?

Even with telepethy lurking around the next corner, our visit to CES this year was not all fun and 3D video games. It involved meeting with many of our current vendors to learn about their new products and plans for the coming year. Nite Ize, for example, had a booth showing off all of their safety products. The company based in Boulder, CO has managed to fill needs none of us even knew we had. Walking your dog in Las Vegas, for instance, can be far too hot during the day, yet it can be dangerous at night. Nite Ize created small, LED lights for collars, leashes, and dog tags to keep our pets safe and visible at night. Take also their line of Gear Ties: the most durable, versatile, and reusable cable ties ever imagined in a variety of colors and sizes. It is amazing the hundreds of uses one can come up with for these little twisties.

Bendy Wires, Electricity in an Ice Box, and Tron's Light Cycle

Another vendor whose products we sell at BIAF is Wagan Tech. Wagan provides inverters of all types, ranging from mobile, to automotive, off-grid, and home inverters. They are best known for devices which can plug into the DC outlet (cigarette lighter) in your car and power electronics such as cell phones, laptops, and iPads. Among their stronger products are heavy duty, jump start kits and 10,000 Watt, off-grid inverters. They are currently the only solar power company offering True-rated Power, a technology trademarked by Wagan Tech themselves.

These are just a few of the products featured in CES this year that can be ordered right here on We would love to know your opinions and experiences from the convention, as well as any of the products you would like to see us add to our stock in the future in the comment section below.