Avel Ureño

Founder & co-owner of BatteriesInAFlash.com Inc, Avel is a proud small business owner that helps make jobs for Americans. He is the creative director for the BatteriesInAFlash blog and mastermind of all technology with the company. He enjoys connecting with other business owners for sharing and collaborating.

  1. Recharge in a Flash

    Recharge in a Flash
      If there is one major complaint you have with your cell phones, it probably has something to do with the life of its battery and charging time. Although cell phones make our lives so much easier these days, it can become extremely frustrating when your battery is consistently dying or nearing the end of its life, particularly when you...
  2. We Can't Wait: Solar-Powered Smartphone Screens

    We Can't Wait: Solar-Powered Smartphone Screens
    Today’s smartphones are decreasing the need for people to own multiple gadgets since modern-day phones offer the features of an alarm clock, music player, GPS unit and much more. Despite the ever-advancing technology supplied by smartphones, battery longevity still remains a problem. Fortunately, smartphone developers are toying with a variety of concepts to address this issue, one highly anticipated idea...
  3. 5 Reasons Energy Conservation Should Be a Top Priority This Year

    5 Reasons Energy Conservation Should Be a Top Priority This Year
    Energy conservation is an admirable concept that can have far-reaching effects. If you've long wanted to help save the environment while saving money, you'll need to develop more efficient daily habits. Here are five superb reasons for making energy conservation a priority as in the New Year. 1) Lower Utility Bills Conserving energy will allow you to save money on...
  4. Top Technology Predictions for 2014

    Top Technology Predictions for 2014
    These days, technology moves at rapid speed. It seems that as soon as we begin to wrap our head around one innovation, a new one is already out on the market. With our recent overview of 2013’s technologies, we decided to put together our predictions for what we might expect to see in technology of the New Year. Electric Cars...
  5. Standout Technologies of 2013

    Standout Technologies of 2013
    Technologies seem to evolve at exponential rates each year, and 2013 was no different than usual. In a time when new devices are outdated as soon as they are released, creating novel ideas is becoming increasingly difficult. Nonetheless, some smart engineers, programmers and designers were able to break new ground last year that will pave the way for endless possibilities...
  6. Rechargeable vs Disposable: What’s Greener?

    Rechargeable vs Disposable: What’s Greener?
      Like many people, you are probably concerned about your impact on the environment. Through the use of green technology, it's possible to use a lot less energy. By using less energy, you can reduce the impact that you have on the environment. An obvious example of this is turning off lights and devices when they're not needed. What about...
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