School is COOL! Especially with these great fun new gadgets going to work for you. Spice any long day at school with the perfect gadget accessory sure to make learning fun and interesting.

Toshiba Laptop

Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Note taking is a breeze with an ultra lightweight Toshiba laptop featuring an Intel quad core processor and 1 GB of RAM.


Motorola RAZR

If you don't call your parents, they'll call you -- too much. Stay in touch with the slight weight sophistication of the Motorola RAZR.

Nokia Portable Tablet

Nokia Portable Internet Tablet

Check emails, read the latest in online gossip, or instant message with your friends -- you're never out of touch with Nokia's portable Internet.


iTalk for iPod

Record memos, notes, or class with this sleek addition to your iPod. Perfect for listening to audiobooks without your headphones, recording messages, or conducting an interviews.

Palm Z22 Handheld

Palm Z22 Handheld

Paper planners are so out-dated. Don't get caught keeping track of your classwork with just your pen and paper. The Palm Z22 Handheld makes keeping a schedule easy. Keep your day-to-day schedule and contact information in your pocket -- ready to fly.


Franklin Translator

Ace your language classes this year with the perfect on-the-go translator by Franklin. Trusted by students for years, your new handheld translator is easy to toss into your backpack and ready, whenever you are.


HP iPAQ Travel Companion

Headed to a new city for college? Don't lose your way! The ultra sleek and stylish travel companion will not only ensure that you don't lose your but keep you entertained until you reach your destination with ready-to-go Windows Mobile 5.0 and capabilities to list to your favorite music, view photos and videos, surf the Web, or play games.


FLY Fusion Pentop Computer

Laptops not allowed in class? No problem! The FLY Fusion pentop computer will let you take notes, with a pen, like you always do but then allow those notes to be downloaded to your computer. The perfect accessory to the class without a laptop!