Panasonic's Evolta Emerging a Super Star

Longest Lasting AA Battery, Says Guinness

Panasonic's Evolta, Longest Lasting AA Battery

Officially certified, Guinness Book of World Records announced that Panasonic’s Evolta was the longest lasting battery. The title was declared on January 15 when a small robot climbed the Grand Canyon, a whopping 1738 ft in just 6hrs and 46 min.

The batteries are claimed to outlast Duracell and Energizer and keep your gadgets running 20% longer. What a relief that will be when you can get through a day without having to replace the batteries in your digital camera. Nothing ruins the moment like a blank screen for the once in a life time shot.

The batteries are scheduled to be released in mid April, hit the US in the later part of the year and will cost roughly $5.40 per 4pk. Until then there Panasonic’s Oxyride which up until now has been there super star.

2 thoughts on “Panasonic's Evolta Emerging a Super Star”

  • I'm really just glad to see that they're making advances on the battery technologies period. It's one step forward to realizing a zero dependency on petroleum based products. Each advance ensures a better environment for our children.

  • Nothing is worse than snapping pictures of my daughter, getting all the cutest shots and having the batteries die. Kind of fun to hear of something that is going to be more long lasting and thanks for the suggestion of what to buy until the new ones come out.

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