Energizer Duo Charger Comes With Bonus Trojan Virus!

Energizer Duo now comes with viruses

Energizers Duo really stood by its products name. Should you have been one of the lucky purchasers of the Energizer Duo battery charger you may have inadvertently downloaded a virus along with the software that allows you to watch your batteries charge. It basically Duo’d as a charger and virus spreader.

It seems that the download-able software program will infect windows PC’s with malware that opens up the 7777 port to telnet and the like. This can potentially allow hacker types access to the users computer to list, download, upload and execute files. None of which you generally want to allow them to do.

It uses UsbCharger.dll to run Arucer.dll and also ensures that the Arucer.dll runs every time the computer starts up. If you uninstall the Energizer charger software it will remove the UsbCharger.dll which stops the Arucer.dll form being called, though it remains on the hard drive. You can go and delete the Arucer.dll file after uninstalling and when you restart it’ll be gone for good.

For more information you can check out the Energizer Press Release.

2 thoughts on “Energizer Duo Charger Comes With Bonus Trojan Virus!”

  • Thanks for the information, well kudos to the guys at Energizer for coming up with a fix for this. I really like this blog, I'm glad I came across this while checking for new batteries for my iPhone!!

  • Whoa! I have heard if this info from my room mate but was not really into the news that time. I only had the need to check on truth because I am planning to get the Energizer Duo Charger. Thanks for this!

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