3.2V 1800mAh Li-FePO4 18650 Rechargeable Battery for Solar Lights, Flashlights

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Exell 3.2V 1800mAh LiFePO4 Flat Top Size 18650 Rechargeable Solar Battery For Custom Packs, LED Flashlights, Pathway Lights, Garden Solar Lights

Great economical choice for any device that uses rechargeable 18650 batteries. This lithium iron phosphate rechargeable battery is a good solution for replacing the batteries in solar lights. Rechargeable Solar light batteries eventually lose their ability to store energy and need to be replaced. Be sure to replace your rechargeable solar light batteries before they run out of energy. Replacing all of the solar light batteries at the same time is a good idea to keep all lights running at their full potential.

Exell 3.2V 1800mAh LiFePO4 Size 18650 Rechargeable FLAT TOP Solar Battery Specifications:
  • Voltage 3.2V (nominal)
  • Capacity 1800mAh rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery Size: 4/5AA
  • Terminal Type: FLAT TOP
  • Chemistry - Li-FePO4
  • Height: 64.9mm (2.55in)
  • Diameter: 18.2mm (0.71in)
  • Weight: 1.4oz (0.09lbs)
  • Country of Manufacture: China
Exell 3.2V 1800mAh LiFePO4 Size 18650 Rechargeable FLAT TOP Solar Battery Applications:
  • RC Racing Car
  • Airsoft gun
  • RC robots
  • E-bike
  • Solar Lights
  • LED Flashlights
  • Garden Solar Lights
  • Excellent cells to build a battery pack


  • Use special caution when working with secondary lithium cells, they are very sensitive to charging characteristics and may explode if mishandled.
  • Protective Circuit Board is required when making packs
  • Make sure user has enough knowledge on secondary lithium rechargeable batteries in charging, discharging and assembly before use.
  • Put the batteries in fire-proof container in charging
  • Never leave batteries unattended when charging
  • Do not put batteries on wood surface or carpet when charging

More Information
Width 0.71
Height 2.55
Condition New
Country of Manufacture China
Brand ExellBattery
Chemistry LiFePO4
Output Voltage 3.2
Amperage 1800
Rechargeable Yes
Watts W
Warranty 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty
Special Notes Before purchasing, please be advised that it is recommended to replace your original battery pack with that of the same chemistry. This battery may require a skilled installer or special tools to replace. For skilled end users only. This battery may require soldering and special tools to replace. For skilled end users only. Extended battery packs may require an extra cover that will accommodate its size.
Voltage V
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