Exell Battery EBZ-6600 6V 600Ah Zinc Air Alkaline Battery Lasts 8X Longer than Alkaline

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Exell Battery EBZ-6600 6V 600Ah Zinc Air Alkaline Battery

ZINC AIR ALKALINE is the ideal technology for those low power applications where continuous power is required and that works for long periods of time with no maintenance or supervision. The only one that ensures maintenance-free battery durability for at least two years.

The batteries are made with a manganese dioxide cathode specially formulated so that it's continuously regenerated using oxygen from the air. This means that the cells use a minimum amount of active cathodic material compared to other alkaline batteries from other manufacturers. The major advantage is that by storing a greater amount of anode material, they have more power. Resulting in ZINC AIR ALKALINE batteries being the batteries with the highest capacity on the market.

Zinc Air technology ensures that the output voltage varies less than 2%, regardless of the battery’s state of charge (SoC). This means that in applications such as signalling, light intensity is constant throughout the life of the battery and, unlike other technologies, does not reduce in intensity as the battery is discharged. Constant output voltage means constant performance for the battery’s whole life, which increases its efficiency and reduces the number of batteries needed, minimizing the impact on the environment.

  • HARD WORKING CONDITIONS: Developed a formulation solution and a build design for its ZINC AIR ALKALINE batteries to ensure they operate under extreme conditions. Battery integrity remains unaffected by low or high temperature climatic environments. Similarly, its design and production quality allow it to work under strong vibration.
  • NO INSTALLATION OR MAINTENANCE: Zinc Air technology requires no maintenance. It has been developed so that it is ready to be used withoutrequiring any additional care. The battery is supplied with the ventilation holes sealed, meaning that it does not start working until the seal is removed. It can be stored for two years with a minimum loss of capacity. Changing a discharged battery for a new one is very simple and does not require special skills.
  • RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: These batteries have a formulation that allows it to manufacture the battery without polluting nature. Unlike other technologies that use heavy metals such as Cadmium, Mercury or Lead, it does not include any type of highly polluting heavy metal. Our technology is totally environment-friendly.
  • SAFE TECHNOLOGYe: This unique technology is totally safe. It is built by formulating elements in solid state, eliminating the risk of fluid leakage. The nature of its composition guarantees intrinsic safety with no risk of explosion or gas emissions. That is why our technology is not subject to any special shipping conditions such as ADR, IMDG, DGR, RID, AND, etc..
  • Navigation Aid Instruments: The characteristics of the ZINC AIR ALKALINE batteries protect the maritime and waterway sector, reliable high-performance, long-lasting power even in harsh weather conditions for optimal operation of navigation aid instruments, such as: Lighthouse emergency lighting / Lighthouse and buoy lighting / Maritime signalling lamps / Radio beacons and transmission
  • Alarms: These batteries power electronic equipment for long periods of time and without the need for any maintenance. In the alarm sector, our battery allows powering the system without the need for any other source of energy. In such a way that we can protect our properties, even if they do not have an electrical connection. Homes under construction, premises located in remote areas, temporary facilities, areas of works, scaffolding on facades, etc. The battery maintains a constant operatingvoltage throughout the entire period of its useful life, which allows it to meet the demands of electronic equipment and for it to reach its optimum performance.
  • IoT and telecommunications: The world is currently evolving towards the next big step in the technology industry: enabling the interconnectivity of any device to open up a world of infinite possibilities. We work to ensure that all of these devices are continuously connected and transmitting information. These ZINC AIR ALKALINE products are designed to provide every IoT application with the right amount of energy for optimum performance.
Battery Specifications:
  • Voltage: 6V
  • Amp Hour: 600Ah
  • Wh Rated energy (Wh): 3120
  • Max. intensity Continuous current (mA): 250
  • Max. intensity current intermittent (<1') (mA): 1000
  • Max. intensity pulses (<1') (mA): 2000
More Information
UPC 816481027531
Width 8.89
Height 8.5
Length 4.25
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Spain
Brand ExellBattery
Chemistry Zinc Air
Output Voltage 6
Amperage 600
Rechargeable No
Capacity 600Ah
Voltage 6V
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