Tri-Tronics features dog training batteries from Tri-Tronics, a brand committed to selling only the highest quality, most reliable, and easiest to use electronic dog training products. Check out the selection below.

Which Battery do I Need?
Before selecting a battery, check whether you are looking for the transmitter or the receiver. The transmitter is what the owner holds to initiate a shock to the dog's collar. The receiver is the piece on the collar itself that actually delivers the shock. Tri-Tronics transmitters use 9V Alkaline batteries. Whereas each different collar will use a different model battery pack. Pay close attention to battery description on each of our pages to see which model our battery replaces.

If you don't easily find what you need, no problem. Give us a call and customer service will be happy to help fix that issue. Our number is 1-800-515-BIAF(2423).

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