72pc Energizer EN93 INDUSTRIAL C Alkaline Battery Replaces LR14 MN1400

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72pc Energizer EN93 INDUSTRIAL C Alkaline Battery Replaces LR14 MN1400
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72pc Energizer INDUSTRIAL C Alkaline Battery EN93 Replaces LR14 MN1400

In answer to a growing need for a high rate source of portable power, Energizer technology has developed the Energizer INDUSTRIAL C Alkaline Battery EN93, Advanced Formula battery. The Energizer Alkaline system is designed to provide an economical power source for today?s devices that require heavy current or continuous use.

  • Model: EN93
  • Size: C
  • Diameter:1.031"
  • Voltage: 1.5
  • Height: 1.969"
  • Manufactured by Energizer
Major advantages are:
  • Better discharge rate capability than Carbon Zinc
  • Lower and more stable internal resistance than Carbon Zinc
  • Better low temperature performance than Carbon Zinc
  • Better service maintenance than Carbon Zinc
  • Higher energy density than Carbon Zinc
  • More economical than Carbon Zinc in terms of cost per hour of use on high current drains
  • Sloping discharge curve
  • Relatively insensitive to changes in the discharge rate or duty cycle
  • Available in voltages ranging from 1.5 to 12.0 and in a variety of shapes and sizes
Energizer INDUSTRIAL is best suited when you need reliable, long lasting life from your everyday devices like:
  • Portable Stereo
  • Toy
  • Lighting
  • Radio

Also Known As: LR14, Duracell MN1400, R14, R14P, LR14, LR14A, AM-2, HP11, Varta 4106, Kodak KC, K4A, Toshiba LR14N, NEDA 14A, 14AC, Rayovac 814, Varta 4014, C, Panasonic AM2, Energizer Ever Ready E93

More Information
Diameter 1.031"
Height 1.969"
Condition New
Brand Energizer
Battery Size C
Chemistry Alkaline
Output Voltage 1.5
Rechargeable No
Terminal Type Button Top
PDF/DOC Eveready_E93 (104.23 kB)
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