100pc Alkaline Watch Combo Multi-Pack with Many Sizes! AG3 AG4 AG5 AG8 AG12 AG13 CR2032 CR2025 CR2016 A23 4LR44

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100 Alkaline Assorted Watch Battery Repair Kit Combo EB-L736 EB-L626
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Alkaline Watch Combo Multi-Pack with Many Sizes! AG3 AG4 AG5 AG8 AG12 AG13 CR2032 CR2025 CR2016 A23 4LR44 (100 Total Batteries)

Tired of searching all over the place, constantly clicking "Add to Cart" for multiple sellers who all charge shipping? Then the batteries arrive over the course of weeks in a variety of packages. SKIP THE HASSLE! We love our customers and try our best to always provide exactly what makes their battery buying experience easiest. That is why we created this watch battery combo pack.

Over the years we have noticed these 11 different sized button cells are the most popular, most commonly requested batteries. This is for all you watch repair enthusiasts, watch-aholics, and (believe it or not) you in the medical field who replace these batteries all the time in your devices. The Watch Combo is 60 total batteries with a huge variety of uses and applications to fill as many of your needs at once as possible!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY! As a way to thank you for your business, this package will come with a complimentary Watch Case Opener for FREE! Please leave us feedback in return.

Included in the Alkaline Watch Combo are the Sizes:

  • 100 total batteries
  • 10x EB-L736 (also known as 392)
  • 10x EB-L626 (also known as 377)
  • 10x EB-L754 (also known as 393)
  • 10x EB-L1142 (also known as 386)
  • 10x EB-L1131 (also known as 389)
  • 10x EB-L1154 (also known as 357)
  • 10x EB-CR2032 (also known as DL2032)
  • 10x EB-CR2025 (also known as DL2025)
  • 10x EB-CR2016 (also known as DL2016)
  • 5x EB-23A (also known as A23)
  • 5x EB-4LR44 (also known as A28PX)
  • ...and 1 FREE HN7 Watch Case Opener!!!

    Features of Alkaline Watch Batteries:

  • Commonly used in cameras, calculators, blood glucose or cholesterol testing meters, and many other applications
  • Often times Alkaline batteries are a suitable replacement for Silver-Oxide batteries. Please double check this with your product's manufacturer before purchase
  • Each size comes in a 10 pack tear strip for retail or easy storage
  • Primary cells are single use, or not rechargeable
  • Only the freshest date codes are shipped
  • High quality cells Did You Know? Everyone calls these "Watch Batteries," but they are commonly used in laser sights for guns, such as the TruGlo Range Rover, and pet GPS trackers like the LOC8TOR Plus Pack.

    Can't find the battery you were looking for on this list? Check out all our button cell sizes, or our cross reference guide.

    Note: We ship Li-Ion Batteries in accordance with U.S. Department of Transportations CFR 49. This may mean additional shipping charges in which case you will be contacted within 48 hours. If you have any questions please contact us directly.

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    Country of Manufacture China
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    Chemistry Alkaline
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