Trojan TRL-GC2-36-M GC2 45Ah LITHIUM-ION 36V Lithium Battery

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Trojan TRL-GC2-36-M GC2 45Ah LITHIUM-ION 36V Lithium Battery

With just a simple battery swap, the Trojan GC2 36V Lithium-Ion battery delivers long run times and opportunity charging——and eliminates maintenance. It's a perfect upgrade for Floor Cleaning Machines, Aerial Work Platforms, Material Handling, and Marine and RV applications.

  • Long runtime, less downtime – 45Ah or 65Ah with 4,000 cycles – built to make it through the toughest of routes on a single charge
  • Long lifetime – Trojan Lithium-ion can last up to ten years
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO) – one Trojan Lithium-ion purchase can last the lifetime of your equipment
  • Virtually maintenance free (preventative maintenance only) – no more watering or timely and costly battery replacements
  • Opportunity charging – charge up while on a break without damaging the batteries
  • Safety comes first – designed with advanced safety features, including four levels of safety redundancy
  • Smart BMS (Battery Management System) self-protects against short circuits or overheating
  • Made with one of the most stable lithium formulas (LFP)
  • Optional dashboard battery state of charge gauge available
  • Assembled in the USA in our Santa Fe Springs, California factory
  • Meets safety and performance standards, including global and independent agencies – UL, SAE, ETL, FCC, CE
  • 8-Year warranty – your investment is protected and you can be we’ll still be around in eight years to honor it
  • CAPACITY MINUTES: @25 Amps / 108
  • CAPACITY AMP-HOURS: 5-Hr Rate / 45 10-Hr Rate / 45 20-Hr Rate / 45
  • ENERGY (KWH): 1.751
  • DIMENSIONS INCHES (MM): Length / 10.4 (264) Width / 7.1 (180) Height / 10.9 (278)
  • WEIGHT LBS. (KG): 37 (16.8)
  • OPERATING TEMPERATURE: 4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C)
Applications: Floor Cleaning Machines

Your cleaning professionals need power solutions that keep them moving. We've got you covered, with floor cleaning batteries that deliver consistent performance, whether powering your scrubbers, vacuum cleaners, floor sweepers, or burnishers.

Trojan floor cleaning batteries:

  • Hold up to the most demanding environments
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Charge quickly
  • Come with comprehensive warranties
Aerial Work Platforms

Dependability is everything in your business. If your equipment fails, you can’t do your job. Whether changing LED high bay lights in a sports arena or installing ductwork in a high-rise, you need batteries that last through all of your tasks. Trojan aerial work platform batteries help you get the job done. For decades, our deep cycle batteries have provided exceptional uptime, lower cost of ownership, enhanced life and unsurpassed durability for aerial work platforms (AWP) and mobile elevated work platforms (MEWP). We understand your need for durability, reliability and performance, which is why we offer a broad portfolio of batteries for AWP and MEWP operations in high quality, deep cycle flooded lead acid, lithium-ion, AGM and gel technologies.

It's also why our::

  • Deep cycle batteries are available in extra-durable Polyon® cases for heavy service applications.
  • AC Series batteries are specifically designed for aerial work platform applications.
Marine & Boating

Whether you're trolling the lake for that prize-winning bass or sailing the ocean on a breezy summer day, Trojan batteries get you where you want to go; we've been meeting the demands of recreational boaters everywhere since 1925. We offer a broad portfolio of high quality, deep cycle flooded lead acid, lithium-ion, AGM and gel battery solutions perfect for powering your trolling motor and other boating accessories for extended periods. These batteries include features like handles for easy lifting in tight spaces, dual terminals for easy hookup of all your electronic gear and large vent caps that reduce the potential for acid leakage. Built with thick plates that allow the battery to discharge power continuously, our deep cycle batteries can be drained and recharged many times. Trojan marine batteries work quietly, so you can enjoy what's on the water in front of you.

Recreational Vehicles

There’s a big world to explore. Having the highest quality equipment with the most reliable power for your RV is a top priority for what matters most to you – rugged durability with outstanding performance. This is why RV'ers choose Trojan. Our deep cycle batteries have been meeting the demands of RV enthusiasts since 1925. We understand the importance of performance features that keep your home away from home operating, like handling higher electrical loads and enduring discharge and charge cycling. That's why we have a broad portfolio of high-quality, deep cycle flooded lead acid, lithium-ion, AGM and gel battery solutions to meet your specific RV needs. There’s no better RV power solution than the proven technology of Trojan to keep your RV going and all those comforts of home working. Wherever the road takes you, Trojan batteries will be along for the ride.

Material Handling

For almost a century, we've shaped deep cycle battery technology. Today, our extensive line of batteries supports the needs of material handling applications, whether in the warehouse, on the shop floor, or out in the field. We understand the importance of durability, reliability and performance in material handling, which is why our material handling batteries:

  • Hold up to the most demanding environments
  • Require little to no maintenance
  • Charge quickly
  • Come with comprehensive warranties.
You can find a broad portfolio of Trojan batteries for material handling operations in high-quality, deep cycle flooded lead acid, lithium-ion, AGM and gel technologies. Trust our batteries to deliver reliable power for uninterrupted operation of your material handling equipment. From cranes and hoists and conveyors to automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and automated storage-and-retrieval systems (ASRS), Trojan material handling batteries keep you going.

More Information
Width 7.1
Height 10.9
Length 10.4
Condition New
Country of Manufacture U.S.A.
Brand Trojan
Warranty Life 8
Battery Size Group GC2
Chemistry Li-Ion
Output Voltage 36
Amperage(20 hours) 45
Rechargeable Yes
Scalability 12 Units in parallel
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