Trojan Trillium Intelligent Lithium Ion Batteries

Batteries for Lead Acid Replacements, Golf Carts, Marine & RV, Solar Applications and more
Trojan Batteries For Lead Acid Replacements, Golf Carts, Marine & RV, Solar Applications, Utility Vehicles. MEWP and more

Trojan's 12V and 24V Trillium Intelligent Lithium Ion batteries are designed and engineered in the USA. Trillium is built with advanced features offering an foutstanding return on investment. Features not found in other competitors include advanced safety, environmental, and diagnostic features.

Trojan Battery Key Technologies In Trillium Lithium Ion Batteries

  • Trillium® - Designed in 3 popular sizes, Trillium® is Trojan's intelligent lithium battery. A great alternative when in need of a lithium solution. This solution offers built-in diagnostics, superior cell design, and a life expectancy of over 5,000 cycles to ensure outstanding return on investment.

Intelligent Features Include:

  • Microprocessing
  • Cell Balancing
  • Controller Area Network (CAN) Communication
  • Battery Management System (BMS)
  • State of Charge (SOC) Gauge

Why Trojan Trillium Intelligent Lithium Ion:

  • Cell Selection - Features Trojan-specific cells, undergoing rigorous quality control and inspections to ensure the highest quality. Free of cobalt and nickel, it's the industry's safest chemistry
  • Battery Design - Rated highest in its class, Trillium is waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating. Built with automotive-grade components for durability and safety including a current sensor, fuse, and temperature sensor.
  • Internal Electronics - Integrated features include a state of charge gauge on the top of the battery, a microprocessor ensuring the battery is completely self-protected with auto shut-off if a problem is detected. Once the problem has gone away the battery re-engages and automatically self-heals.
  • Performance - Trillium offers more run time and longer life than the competitors. Charging time is less than two hours and has a simple system for scaling up to 48V applications

Trojan Li 12V Batteries
Trojan (Li) Trillium Lithium Ion 12V Batteries Options

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