Trojan Transportation Batteries

Batteries for Heavy Duty Trucking & Commercial Vehicles
Trojan Batteries For Heavy Duty Trucking & Commercial Vehicles

Trojan Batteries 12V transportation battey are built with heavy duty trucking and commercial vehicles in mind. Designed with the needs of your truck and vehicles in mind, Trojan battery can start your truck or run your day cab, liftgate inverter or any auxiliary power need. The Motive OverDrive AGM battery pushes the envelope when it comes to proformance.

Trojan Battery Key Technologies In Transportation Batteries

  • Motive OverDrive AGM 31 - Delivers high power cycling with the ability to deliver 730 cold cranking amps (CCA) or extended periods of time.
  • Motive OverDrive AGM 31 - Leads the industry being the first deep-cycle battery designed specifically for the Air Conditioning (HVAC) and APU requirements without trucking idiling
  • Motive OverDrive AGM 31 with C-Max Technology - incorporates a wide range of feature unique to Trojan, combined, they deliver increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, quality and durability.

Trojan TR 12V Batteries
Trojan (TR) Transportation 12V Batteries Options

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