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Batteries for Boats, Trolling Motors, Yachts, Coaches, Motorhomes, & RV's
Trojan Batteries For Marine, Boat, Yacht, Trolling Motor, RV, Motorhome

Trojan Batteries 6V & 12V are designed for the avid RV'er, recreational boater, troller or pro angler. Wether its the open road or the open water, you need a battery that you can rely on. The reliable power delivered in the harshest conditions that only Trojan's deep-cycle batteries offer.

Trojan Battery Key Technologies In Marine & RV Batteries

  • Alpha Plus® Paste with T2 Technology - Designed with maximum operation performace in mind, Trojan's Alpha Plus® Paste is a high-density plate engineered to deliver outstanding battery performance. The paste optimizes porosity development in the active material resulting in sustained battery performance over alonger time.
  • Trojan Grid Technology - In combination with Trojan's Alpha Plus®, the lead antimony alloy grid provides exceptional structural adhesion. The thick grids enhance the frame strength and reduce corrosion.
  • Maxguard® T2 Seperator - A multi-rib geometry opening acid channels longer. This construction allows an enhanced electrochemical process while reducing the risk of stratification. Backed with Maxguard's proprietary rubber-based material, provides even greater seperator strength and inhibits antimony transfers between positive and begative plates.
  • Motive AGM with C-Max Technology - incorporates a wide range of feature unique to Trojan, combined, thye deliver increased total energy output, maximized sustained performance, quality and durability.
  • Trillium® - Designed in 3 popular sizes, Trillium® is Trojan's intelligent lithium battery. A great alternative when in need of a lithium solution. This solution offers built-in diagnostics, superior cell design and a life expectancy of over 5,000 cycles to ensure outstanding return on investment.

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