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Trojan Battery - Nearly 100 Years making Golf, Marine, Floor Machine Aerial Work Platform Batteries

Trojan Battery is focused on energy and the problems it solves. Nearly 100 years of market leadership they are still looking to the future because at Trojan Battery company they realize that reliable energy doesn't just solve today's problems, reliable energy creates solutions for tomorrow. That is why Trojan Battery is looking different, they are evolving. The same made in the USA commitment to quality and performance with a new global focus on emerging energy storage technologies and solutions for the 21st century. Whether it's on the course or off the grid powering a new business or kick-starting an entirely new industry, Trojan is prepared to power the engines of creation and the passion of our collective imagination with forward-thinking technology. Trojan Battery is a complete energy storage solution as well as the high level of product support and education that dealers and customers have come to expect. Whether it's tomorrow or another 100 years from now; there's one thing that will never change, our unwavering commitment to delivering reliable energy solutions. Together, Let's Keep Charging Forward.

Trojan Batteries Featured Industries

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Trojan Batteries were designed for the most demanding applications. Focused on delivering reliable power in the harshest conditions, each battery is fitted with Trojan's latest battery innovations.

Battery Wiring Guides

How to wire your Trojan Batteries or battery bank in series. How to wire your Trojan Batteries or battery bank in parallel. How to wire your Trojan Batteries or battery bank in series-parallel.

Application Battery Finder

Use the Battery Finder to choose which Trojan Battery is used for your application.

Deep Cycle Maintanence Guides

A complete deep-cycle maintenance guide to mantaining and extending the life of your Trojan Batteries or battery bank.
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