6V S1325, 4SR44, S28PX, V28PX, PX28 Silver Oxide Battery

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S1325, 4SR44, S28PX, V28PX, PX28 Silver Oxide 6V Battery
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Type: Silver Oxide
13.0 mm.
25.2 mm.

Also known as: 4SR44, V28PX, PX28, 544, KS28, RPX28, S1325S, S1325, PX28-S, 1406SOP, RFA1611, RFA-16-11.

This 4SR44 or PX28-S battery is a popular silver-oxide cell are commonly used in cameras (such as the Minox 35ML, Bronica GS-1 and Canon AE-1), light meters and blood sugar testers.

This 4SR44 or PX28-S battery is a popular replacement for the now discontinued PX28 mercury battery. These mercury batteries, no longer manufactured because of their toxicity, were variously known as PX28, 4MR44, V4034PX, 4H-C, 4NR44, HM-4C.

The 4SR44 or PX28S batteries have a shelf life of 8 + years, so why not buy two or more.

This Silver Oxide 4SR44 cell has exactly the same dimensions as the alkaline 4LR44s, but has a longer battery life. You can always use this silver oxide 4SR44 battery in place of an alkaline 4LR44 for improved performance and less frequent battery changes.

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UPC 489833011320
Condition New
Brand ExellBattery
Rechargeable No
Scalability 12 Units in parallel
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