Renon Power Xtreme vs. Competitors: A Detailed Efficiency and Compatibility Analysis

The Renon Power Xtreme, designed for both solar battery storage and grid applications, showcases its versatility as a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). It stands out for its modular battery system that offers exceptional compatibility with solar energy backup needs. The system notably achieves optimal efficiency when paired with the Flex Inverter, underscoring its advanced capabilities in managing and optimizing energy use. It offers a high max rated storage capacity of 30kWh and a max continuous power of 15kW. Its cost-effectiveness is notable, with a low estimated price per Wh of storage and per cycle life. Manufactured with A-grade REPT cells and LiFePO4 chemistry, it assures safety and longevity, supported by a 10-year warranty for 8000 cycles. Furthermore, it’s compatible with over 16 mainstream inverters, capable of handling heavy loads, and features smart capabilities like individual cell monitoring, cloud connectivity, remote firmware upgrades, and auto addressing. This makes the Xtreme an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their renewable energy setups, ensuring reliability and efficiency in energy storage and utilization. For a deeper dive into its features and benefits, click on the Xtreme Series above.

Product Renon Xtreme Product Image Tesla Powerwall Product Image Sonnen ecolinx 30 Product Image FranklinWH aPower & aGate Product Image Enphase Encharge 10 Product Image LG Chem RESU16H Prime Product Image
Model Specs per unit Renon Xtreme Started Powerwall 2015 Started Powerwall + 2023 Started 2016 ECO Started 2020 ecolinx 30 Started 2022 aPower & aGate Started 2020 Encharge 10 LG CHEM RESU16H Prime
Max rated storage capacity per unit 30kWh 13.8 kWh 30 kWh 13.6 kWh 11.4 kWh 16 kWh
Max continuous power per unit 15kW 7.6kW with sun, no sun 5.8W continuous 24 amps 8KW peak 7kW continuous 33.3 amps 10KW peak, 5kW continuous 23 amps 280W peak 270W continuous 16 amps 7W peak 6kW continuous 23 amps
Estimated price per Wh of Storage $ 0.49 Wh $1.01 Wh $1.20 Wh $1.10 Wh $1.71 Wh $0.88 Wh
Estimated price per Cycle Life $ 1.25 Per Cycle $4.38 Per Cycle $2.40 Per Cycle $2.50 Per Cycle $4.50 Per Cycle $2.50 Per Cycle
Cell manufacturer REPT(A grade) - 100A Nom: 51.2V Nominal 400V Nominal 51.2V Nominal 51.2V Nominal 67.2V Nominal 400V
Chemistry LiFePO4(NO NMC) Li-ion NMC Li-ion NMC LiFeP04 LFP Li- len NMC
Warranty/cycles 10 Years/8000 Cycles/14 millions Product Liability Insurance annually 10 years / 3,200 Cycles 15 years / 15,000 Cycles 12 years / 6,000 Cycles 10 years / 4000 Cycles 10 years / 6000 Cycles
Inverter compatible with 16+ mainstream inverters Tesla Sol-Ark or Outback Franklin Enphase iQ8 Micros Solaredge
Heavy loads, EV, Dryer,Stove, Well, Water-Heater Yes, up to 300amps 5-8 units are needed for the amps required You may need 3 Inverters For all-electric homes or more 5-8 units are needed for the amps required 7-12 units are needed for the amps required 5-8 units are needed for the amps required
Individual cell monitoring Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Smart cloud Yes Yes No Yes Yes No
Remote firmware upgrade Yes No No No No No
Auto Addressing Yes No No No No No