5PK Maxell Silver Oxide Watch Battery SR927SW Low Drain Replaces 395 GR927

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Maxell Silver Oxide Watch Battery SR927SW Low Drain Replaces 395 GR927
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Maxell Silver Oxide SR927SW Low Drain Watch Battery Replaces 395, 399, 399BP, 543, 610, 613, AG7, D 395, D 399, D395, D395/399, D399, GR927, L926, LA, R 395/25

The 395, or SR927SW, is a popular Silver-Oxide cell commonly used in watches, with a shelf life of 5+ years. Other applications may include calculators, film cameras, medical instruments, cash registers, or FA Instruments (Measuring Instruments, Onboard Microcomputers, Sensors). Low drain batteries are best used in devices that use a small amount of power over a long period of time: Analog watches, TV remotes, alarm clocks, etc. This is in comparison to high drain batteries, which are for devices with a continuous, low power use and occasional high peaks: Analog and digital watches with extra functions (backlight, alarm), pocket calculators, electronic games, cameras, etc.

Maxell Silver Oxide SR927SW Low Drain Watch Battery Specifications
  • Chemistry: Silver Oxide
  • Nominal Voltage: 1.55V
  • Nominal Capacity: 50(mAh)
  • Nominal Discharge Current: 100(µA)
  • Diameter: 9.5 mm
  • Height: 2.7 mm
Maxell Silver Oxide SR927SW Low Drain Watch Battery Features
  • Flat discharge characteristics A flat discharge curve during discharge supplies a stable voltage until the end of the discharge life.
  • High-energy density High-energy density per unit volume provides approx. twice as the amount of energy capacity as button-type alkaline batteries.
  • Excellent discharge load characteristics Employing an alkaline electrolyte, the SR battery features excellent discharge load characteristics. Depending on the composition of the electrolytes, two models are available;
  • a low-drain type for analog watches, and a high-drain type for multi-function watches incorporating an alarm, illumination light, etc.
  • Superior leakage* resistance Featuring Maxell's original leak-resistant processing, the SR battery has excellent leakage resistance, which suppresses the electrolyte from rising up and seeping out — a basic phenomenon of alkaline electrolytes.

Maxell Silver Oxide SR927SW Low Drain Watch Battery Also Known As: 1162SO, 1165SO, 280-44, 280-48, 395, 399, 399BP, 543, 610, 613, AG7, D 395, D 399, D395, D395/399, D399, GR927, L926, LA, R 395/25, R 399/35, RW 313, RW 413, RW413, S19, S927SW, SB-AP/DP, SB-BP/EP, SG7, SP395, SP399, SR 57, SR 927 SW, SR 927 W, SR57, SR57H, SR926, SR927, SR927SW, SR927W, SR927W/SW, TR927W, V395, V399

Maxell Silver Oxide SR927W Low Drain Watch Battery Compatibility

  • Alba: 7T32-6F59, 7T32-6F59, N94J, N94J, V532, V532, V539, V539, V681, V681, Y142, Y142, Y143-8141, Y143-8141, Y145, Y145, Y167, Y167, Y189, Y189
  • Armitron: 20/1513
  • Armitron ALL SPORT: 20/1299, 20/1301BLU, 20/1387BLU, 20/1427BLU, 20/1441BLU, 20/1443BLU, 20/1451GMG, 20/1513BLU, 5ATM
  • Berc: BSR57K
  • Bulova: 100M, 100M 96B16, 610, 837419, 96B16, 96C21, 96D16, Millennia 30m, SR927WX4
  • Casio: 100, 100 AW20, 100W, 1170, 1170 ATC 1200, 1170 Module, 1170ATC1000, 1284 Module, 1318, 1325, 1325RS, 1326, 1326 Module, 1353, 1359 Module, 1470, 166, 1758, 2147, 2271, 2273, 2328, 2397, 2413 Module, 2700 Module, 2714, 2737, 2738, 2759 Module, 2838, 308 Module, 358 module, 373 Module, 3750 Module, 3751, 378 Module, 380 Module, 384 Module, 385 Module, 388, 4314 (B) Module, 4314 Module, 4334, 4335, 4348, 4355, 4367, 4369, 4396, 4397, 4726, 4732, 4734, 4738, 4754, 4755, 5028, 5034, 5056, 5147, 5303 Module, 5333 Module, 560, 5G304RL-1A1V, 6850, 753 Module, 788, 7T32-7C69, 7T72, 842310, 923, 974, AB-100A, AB-30W, AB-500, AB100, AB50W, ABX-50, ABX-52, ABX-620, ABX-67, ABX-67 First Twincept Calendar Resin, ABX-70B AG7, ABX67, ABX68, ABX68-7AV, AD520, AD521, AG101, AG11L, AG20, AG21L9, AMW-320C, AMW-702-7AVEF, AMW-702D-7AVEF, AMW-706-7A1VEF, AMW-706D-7AVEF, AMW-707-3AV, AMW-707-7AV, AMW-707D, AMW32, AMW320C, AMW320D-9EV, AMW330, AMW330-7AV, AMW330B-1A, AMW330D-1AV, Analog Digital Database AB-500, AQ-100W, AQ-164, AQ-164W, AQ-164W-1, AQ-164W-1A, AQ-164W-1AV, AQ-164W-1AVES, AQ-164W-2AVEF, AQ-164W-7, AQ-164W-7A, AQ-164W-7AV, AQ-164W-9AVEF, AQ-164WD, AQ-164WD-1, AQ-164WD-1A, AQ-164WD-1AV, AQ-164WD-1AVES, AQ-164WD-2AVEF, AQ-164WD-7, AQ-164WD-7A, AQ-164WD-7AV, AQ-164WD-7AVEF, AQ-8W, AQ100, AQ110, AQ110WG-1(KM), AQ110WG-1EV, AQ110WG-3EV, AQ110WG-4EV, AQ110WG-9EV, AQ164WD-2AV, AQ16W8A, AQ16W9A, AQ222, AQ2227, AQ2227D, AQ222G9, AQ222G9D, AQ6W8B, AQ8W(KM), AQ8W1E, AQ8W1E(CP), AQ8W7B, AQF 101, AQF-100W-7BVEF, AQF-100WD-9BVEF, AQF-100WD-9BVES, AQF-101WB-2BVEF, AQF-101WD-1BVEF, AQF-102W-7BVEF, AQF-102WD-1BVEF, AQF-102WD-2BVEF, AQF-102WL-4BVEF, AQF100, AQF100W-7BV, AQF100WB-3BV, AQF100WD-9BV, AQF101WD-1BV, AQW-100-1AVEF, AQW-100B-3AVEF, AQW-100D-1AVEF, AQW-101-1AVER, AQW-101B-2AVER, AQW-101D-1AVER, AQW-55, AQW5(KM), AQW51, AQW51E, AQW51E(CP), AQW51E2V, AQW51GV, AQW55, ARW-320, ARW31, ATC 1200, ATC1000, ATC1200-1V, AW-20, AW-550-1E, AW-600, AW10, AW171V, AW3041E(KM), AW3041EV, AW3041EV(CP), AW3043E(KM), AW3043EV, AW3043EV(CP), AW3044E(KM), AW3044EV, AW3044EV(CP), AW3049E(KM), AW3049EV, AW3049EV(CP), AW370, AWE10D1EVEF, BM-100WJ-V3, BM-600, BM-600CR, BM-600DR, BM-600ER, BM-600JF, BM100WJ, BM500W, C110, CPW-310, CPW1001BV, CPW200, CR399, CX926, Digital-Analog DataBank AB-50W, Digital-Analog Twincept DataBank ABX-50, Digital-Analog Twincept World Timer ABX-53, DW-6500, EBD300, ECW-M100D-1AVER, ECW-M100DB-1AVER, EDB-300AD-6V, EDB-501, EDB300, EF-506D-1AVEF, EF-514BK-1AV, EF-514SP-1AV, EF-540D-1AV, EF-540D-1AVDF, EF500, EF500D7AVEF, EF501D1AVEF, EF501L1AVEF, EF505D1AVEF, EF506D1A, EF506L7AVEF, EF513D, EF527D-1AV, EF531D, EF550PB-1AV, EFA-120L-1A1VEF, EFA119, EFA119BK-1AV, EFA119D-1A4V, EFA120D, EFA120D-1AV, EFA123, EFA123-1A1V, EFA123D-7AV, EFA132, EFA132BK-1AV, EFR-528, EFR-528D-1AVUEF, EFR-528RB-1AUER, EFR-528RBP-1AUER, EFX-500, EFX-500P-1A, EFX-500P-1AV, EFX-500P-1AVD, EFX-500P-1AVDF, EFX-700, EFX-700D-1A4, EFX-700P, EFX-700P-1, EFX-700P-1A, EFX-700P-1AV, ERA-200B-1AVE, ERA-200B-1AVER, ERA-200D-1AVER, ERA-200DB-1AVER, ERA-200RB-1AER, ERA-200RBP-1AER, FT-600W, FTS100, FTS100-1DF, FX-50F, FX-700D, FX115N, FX300H, FX451M, FX911, FX911M, G-301BR-1A, G-306X-1A, G-306X-7A, G-510, G-700-1AVER, G1000, G1000-1A, G1000D-7A, G1000H-1A, G300, G300-2AV, G300-3AV, G350, G350-2AV, G350-5AV, G353B-5AV, G510-7AVSDR, G511-1AV, G511-9AV, G5400D, G540D, G540D-2AV, G601-1AV, G700-1ACR, G700-1ADR, G700-1AER, G700-1AJF, GF11, J30W, J30W(K), J30WR, J31W-1, J31W-1(KM), J31W-7, KC 1315 30105, LM200GL, LM200L, LM3, LM300, LM320, LM32OGL, LM5, LR927, LR927W, MAW7001E, MDV501-9AV, MMA-200W, MMA200, MO0607-EB, MQ337-7A, MQA100G9A, MQA10W7E, MRG930, MRT200, MRW80, MRW80-1E(KM), MRW80-1EV, MRW80-1EV(CP), MSY502D-2AV, MTD1032, MTP4500D-1AV, MTR500-7AV, MTR501, MTR501-1AV, MTR501-7AV, MWA800, OC-500, OC-500-1A, OC-502, P2199, PAG40, PAG40-3V, PAG40B2V, PAT400L1, PGA40, PRG-40-3VDR, PRG-40-3VER, PRG-40B-2V, PRG-40B-2VER, PRG-40T 7V, PRG-40T-7VER, PRG-70-YT, PRG40, PRG403VUR, PRG40T, PRG80-3V, PRT400, PRT41, QC500, QW-1170, QW-2147YCSA01, QW-2147YCSA02, QW-2147YCSA03, QW-2413, QW-2413DFSA01, QW-2413DFSA02, QW1031, QW1088, QW112, QW1160, QW123, QW143, QW164, QW179, QW207, QW2271, QW308, QW333, QW341, QW343, QW344, QW371, QW373, QW376, QW378, QW380, QW386, QW458, QW510, QW560, QW693, QW721, QW740, QW923, QW943, QW974, QW983, QW994, SE927W, SPC003, SPF-40-2VDR, SPF40-1V, Sport-PRG-40, Thermometer DigiAna AW-10, W600, Y478
  • Casio Calculator: FX115D, FX85M, FX85VH, FX991D, FX991M, FX992V
  • Casio Databank Duo: ABX80
  • Casio Dual Time Worldtime Blue Steel: MTP4700
  • Casio EcoDrive: GN-4-5, WR100
  • Casio Edifice: EF-503D-1AV, EF-503D-7AV, EF527D-1AV
  • Casio EFA: 120D
  • Casio Fishing Gear: AMW-703D-1AV
  • Casio Forester: ATC12001V
  • Casio G-Shock: G300L, G304RL-1A1V, G306X-7A, G314RC-9AV, G3310D, G3310D-8A4, G541D-1AV, PAG403V
  • Casio G-Shock Cockpit Sport Watch: G-511-1AV, G511, G511D
  • Casio Hunting Timer: AMW-704D-7AV, AMW-705D-1AV
  • Casio Oceanus: OC-500
  • Casio Pathfinder Watch: SPF-40
  • Casio Protrek: AD520, PRT-41
  • Casio Sport Gear: SGW-500H-1BV, SGW-500H-2BV, SGW-500HD-1BV
  • Casio Thermometer Watch: AMW-705-4735
  • Casio TwinCept: ABX-70B-7A2V, ABX53
  • Casio Waveceptor: LWA120, LWA120LA-1BV, LWA120LA-7BV
  • Citizen: 0510, 0510A, 0520, 0520A, 0530, 0530A, 0531, 0531A, 0540, 0560, 0570, 0570A, 0580, 0580A, 0610, 1200, 1210, 125, 1250, 1250A, 1251, 1251A, 1260, 1260A, 280-48, 280-5101, 28020, 3500, 3510, 3510A, 3530, 3530A, 3531, 3531A, 3560, 3560A, 3570, 3570A, 3580, 3580A, 3740, 3740A, 3745, 6810, 6810A, 6820, 6820A, 6840, 6840A, 6860, 6860A, 6870, 6870A, 7103, 7120, 7120A, 7121, 7121A, 7130, 7130A, 7131, 7131A, 7240, 7240A, 7810A, 7951J, 7960H, 7960J, 7961H, 7961J, 8950, 8950A, A510, A510A, AI13XXX, AN3160-50E, AN3164-59L, AN3170-56L, AN3174-55E, AN8010-55A, C020, C021, C023, C023-089405, C026, C027, C029, C080, C100, C110088972, C130-089294, C200, C200A, C211, C220, C220A, C240, C240A, C300, C300-Q00842, C310, C310A, C320, C320A, C330, C330A, C401, C402, C460, C480, CTZ-P6746, CX57, GN4S, GN4WS, JN000427E, JN800008L, JNOOO427E, JQ8020-01E, JQ802001E, Lap Timer, T200, T200A, T201, T201A, T205, T205A, T206, T206A, T220, T220A, T240, T240A, T241, T241A, T250, T250A, T480, T480A, T485, T485A, TRI10W-1EV, TRI10W-3EV, Wingman, Yachting
  • Citizen Blue Angels Watch: C300-Q00869 TA GN-4-5
  • Citizen Eco Drive: 350249
  • Citizen ProMaster Dive: C023-089405, C023-089405 Y
  • CNB Luminox: 3005
  • Edifice: EF527D-1AV, EF527D-1AV.
  • Elgin: FG080-007, FG080-007
  • Energizer: 395-399TS
  • Eta: 250.101, 255.241, 450.111, 450.121, 554.111, 554.421, 555.112, 954.031, 954.121, 963.111, 963.126
  • Fe: 7930, 7931, 8021
  • Fossil: DS-273, FS-2896
  • Fossil Blue: 250410, BQ9035, CH2352
  • Gucci: 9200M, 9200M
  • Hattori: V533, V537, V744, VP35, VP36, VP39, VX44, YM55, YM57, YM62, YM92, YR67
  • Hattori Seiko: V544, V544A
  • Heuer: 2000
  • Inovative Time Corp: MO951WY
  • Invicta: 0196, 2719, 2772, 4895, 4996, 5050.C, 5050.E, 5050C, 5050E, 5268, 6088, 981, Invicta Sea Spider Shark Chrono 4597, Sea Spider Ana-Digi Blue 5393
  • Isa: 1101, 1102, 1104, 1105, 1106, 1107, 1108, 1112, 1120, 1124, 1151, 1160, 1198, 1198/104(42), 1198/105(52), 1198/1056, 1198/12, 1198/32, 1198/326, 1198/424, 1198/82, 1602, 201, 202, 203, 204, 395, 480, 8161/201, 8161/202, 8161/204, 8161/206, 8161/207, 8173
  • Longines: 127, 1441, 169, 173, 174, 743, 744, 745, L074, L263
  • Lorus: N945-7A10, V071, V072, V52H, V531-7A00, V532, V532-7G70, V532-9A00, V532-9A50, V535, V53L, VO72-0050, Y142, Y142A, Y143, Y167, Y182
  • Lucian Piccard Watch: 26739 WH
  • Luminox Navy Seals: 3050
  • Mallory: D395
  • Maxell: SR927SW, SR927W
  • Minolta: SCWC77, SDW785, SDWF10
  • Miyota: 6850A, AW00, OS20
  • Navy Seals Watch Yellow Dial: AG7A
  • Nike: 58139, G304RL, SPF40, Triax, WA0039, WA0044, WC0026, WR0048, WR0049, WR0050, WR0051, WR0057, WR0062, WR0063, WR0064, WR0068, WR0075, WR0076, WT0001, WT0002, WT0003, WT0007, WT0014, WT0015, WT0016, WT0017, WT0018, WT0019, WT0025, WT0026, WT006
  • Nite: GX70, GX80, MX40, MX50
  • Nite Triax: S Series
  • Omega: 1449, 9930
  • Other: 1162SO, 1165SO, 280-44, 280-48, 395, 399, 399BP, 543, 610, 613, AG7, D395, D395/399, D399, GR927, L926, LA, R 395/25, R 399/35, RW 313, RW413, S19, S927SW, SB-AP/DP, SB-BP/EP, SG7, SP395, SP399, SR57, SR57H, SR926, SR927, SR927SW, SR927W, SR927W/SW, TR927W, V395, V399, W
  • Pulsar: 502539, 502539, 7T62-X041, 7T62-X041, M231044JR, M231044JR, PPX028, PPX028, V532-9A00, V532-9A00, V532-9A50, V532-9A50, V544-7A00, V544-7A00, Y142B, Y142B, Y143, Y143, Y143A, Y143A, Y147, Y147, Y147A, Y147A, Y147B, Y147B, Y148, Y148, Y148A, Y148A, Y182A, Y182A, Y182B, Y182B, Y187, Y187, Y187A, Y187A, Y551A, Y551A, Y552, Y552, Y552A, Y552A, Y553, Y553, Y553A, Y553A, Y557A, Y557A, Y558A, Y558A, Y559A, Y559A
  • Radio Shack: 23206, 635206, CS0033
  • Rayovac: RW313
  • Ronda: 372, 372A, 373, 373A, 375, 375A, 375SP, 377, 377A, 378, 378A, 5030.D, 5030D, 5040B, 5050.C, 5050.E, 5050C, 5050E, 755SP
  • Seiko: 150, 2632, 2639, 2639A, 2T42, 2T44, 3M26, 5010, 5050, 5S42, 5T12, 5T32, 5T32B, 5T52, 5T52-6A29, 5T52-6A39, 5T52-6B40, 5T52-7A10, 5T52-7A19, 5T52A, 5T52B, 6922, 6922A, 6923, 6923-5079, 6923-5289, 6923-600B, 6923-7009, 6923-7039, 6923-7069, 6923-8010, 6923-8089, 6923A, 6A32-00B0, 6E00, 6M12, 6M13, 6M13A, 6M15, 6M15A, 6M23, 6M23A, 6M25, 6M25-6000, 6M25-6050, 6M25A, 6M26, 6M26A, 6M37, 6M90, 6M91, 6M91A, 7132-6M69, 7132-7080, 760357, 7800-5339, 7800-8059, 7800-8059 R1, 7810, 7810-5069, 7810A, 7812, 7812A, 7813, 7813-5009, 7813-5009T, 7813-6009, 7813A, 7820, 7830, 7830A, 7832, 7832A, 7853, 78A, 7C43, 7C43-7010, 7C43A, 7C43H, 7C46, 7C46A, 7T11, 7T22, 7T24, 7T24A, 7T27, 7T27-7A20, 7T32, 7T32-6459, 7T32-6A0A, 7T32-6AOA, 7T32-6C09, 7T32-6E00, 7T32-6F90, 7T32-6G2, 7T32-6H39, 7T32-6K19, 7T32-6L09, 7T32-6M, 7T32-6M49, 7T32-6M59, 7T32-6M90, 7T32-7008, 7T32-7D10, 7T32-7E70, 7T32-7G30, 7T32-7G40, 7T32-7G80, 7T326F59, 7T326G20, 7T32A, 7T32B, 7T34, 7T34-6809, 7T34-6A00, 7T34-6A09, 7T34-7A10, 7T34A, 7T34B, 7T36, 7T36A, 7T39, 7T39A, 7T39B, 7T42, 7T426A00, 7T42A, 7T42B, 7T44, 7T44A, 7T52, 7T52A, 7T52B, 7T59, 7T59A, 7T59B, 7T62, 7T62-08Z0, 7T62-0AH0, 7T62-0AM0, 7T62-0AT0, 7T62-0BE0, 7T62-0BE0 AD, 7T62-0BY0, 7T62-0BZ0, 7T62-0CH0, 7T62-0DP0, 7T62-0EB0, 7T62-0EE0, 7T62-0F40, 7T62-0FY0, 7T62-0GF0, 7T62-0HG0, 7T62-0HH0, 7T62-0JHO, 7T62-0JJ0, 7T62-0MA0, 7T62-OAMO, 7T62-OBXO, 7T62-OBZO, 7T62-OCVO, 7T62-ODPO, 7T62-OEKO, 7T62-OJHO, 7T62-X081, 7T62A, 7T82, 7T82-0EB0, 7T84, 7T85, 7T92, 7T92 SND419P1, 7T92 SND449P1, 7T92 SNDC93P1, 7T92 SNDC98P9, 7T92 SNDD57P9, 7T92 SNDD59P9, 7T92 SNDD65P1, 7T92 SNDD67P1, 7T92-0BM0, 7T92-0CH0, 7T92A, 7T94, 9921, 9923, 9923A, 9983, A229, A229A, A257, A257-5009A, A257A, A259, A259-5000, A259-5010, A259-5021, A259A, A439, A439A, AN09-5550A, B122, B122A, C359, C359-5019, C359A, D031, D031A, H249, H249-5069, H249A, H357, H357A, H448, H448A, H449, H449-5300, H449A, H558, H558-5009, L7356H, LR0663, N944, N944A, N945, N945A, SBAP, SNA003, SNA107, SNA225, SNA225P1, SNA411, SNA414, SNA548, SNAA91, SND419P1, SND449P1, SNDC93P1, SNDC97P9, SNDC98P9, SNDD03, SNDD57P9, SNDD59P9, SNDD65P1, SNDD67P1, SR927Q, V395, V532-9A00, V532-9A50, V533, V533-8C70, V533A, V544, V544-8A40, V544A, V682, V682A, Y142-7050, Y143-8030, Y558
  • Seiko Chronograph (Cal.7T92): SNDD57
  • Seiko Macchina Sportiva: 7T32B
  • Size: 1162SO, 1165SO, 280-44, 280-48, 395, 399, 399BP, 543, 610, 613, AG7, D395, D399, GR927, L926, LA, R395/25, R399/35, RW313, RW413, S19, S927SW, SB-AP/DP, SB-BP/EP, SG7, SP395, SP399, SR57, SR57H, SR926, SR927, SR927SW, SR927W, TR927W, V395, V399, W
  • Skagen: 105LTXB, 105LTXB
  • Timex: 7T11, 7T22, 7T27
  • Timex LA: L926
  • Varta: V523
More Information
UPC 025215736636
Diameter 9.5mm
Height 2.7mm
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Japan
Brand Maxell
Battery Size 399 / 395
Output Voltage 1.55
Amperage 50
Amperage (mAh) 50
Rechargeable No
Input Voltage 1.55V
Input Voltage 1.55V
Voltage 1.55V
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