Maxell MCR1216 Lithium Coin Cell Battery - 3V 25mAh (Replaces CR1216, DL1216, ECR1216) for Watches, Key Fobs, Calculators

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  • Dependable 3V Maxell MCR1216 lithium coin cell battery for lasting power
  • Ideal for watches, calculators, and remote controls - versatile compatibility
  • Compact and reliable 25mAh battery - perfect fit for small devices
  • Long shelf life and consistent performance - trust in Maxell quality
  • Efficient energy source for car key fobs, medical devices, and more

Maxell 3V CR1216 Lithium Coin Cell Battery Replaces CR1216, DL1216, ECR1216, BR1216, 280-208, DL1216B, BR1216-1W, CR1216-1W, KCR1216, LM1216, 5034LC

Maxell 3V Lithium Coin Cell Battery CR1216 is great for electronics around the house, like keyless entry, electronic books and glucose monitors. The CR2032 lithium button cells are commonly used in car security (car alarm/keyfob batteries), organizer (backup battery for PDA such as Psion etc), glucometer, camera, electric thermometer, calculator, computer equipment (memory backup battery), toys, accutron, communication equipment, electronic watches/clocks, card radios, data pack for video camera.

Maxell 3V CR1216 Lithium Coin Cell Battery Specifications
  • Output Voltage: 3V
  • Amperage: 25mAh
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Battery Size: CR1216
  • Height: 0.06in
  • Diameter: 0.49in
Maxell 3V CR1216 Lithium Coin Cell Battery Features:
  • Optimum for Memory and RTC Backup
  • Displays long-term stable operating voltage at low load discharge.
  • High 3 volt energy density
  • High energy density. At 3 volts (nominal voltage), it has about twice the voltage of alkaline button batteries and silver oxide batteries.
  • Stable discharge characteristics through low internal resistance and high operating voltage
  • Employs highly conductive electrolyte, lowering internal resistance and providing stable operating voltage. This allows stable power to be obtained, with little change in operating voltage at room temperature as well as high and low temperatures.
  • Superior leakage resistance and excellent storage characteristics
  • Employs a leak-resistant organic electrolyte, giving it better leakage resistance than battery types using alkaline electrolytes. Furthermore, the high degree of seal of the seal structure and application of sealant keep self-discharge to about 1% per year.
  • Superior high rate discarge characteristics

Maxell Coin Cell Battery CR1216 also known as: CR1216, DL1216, ECR1216, BR1216, 280-208, DL1216B, BR1216-1W, CR1216-1W, KCR1216, LM1216, 5034LC

More Information
UPC 025215738128
Diameter 0.49
Height 0.06
Condition New
Country of Manufacture Japan
Brand Maxell
Battery Size CR1216
Chemistry Lithium
Output Voltage 3
Amperage 25
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