Photo lithium batteries are a great alternative for applications that draw a lot of power, like cameras and their flashes. In a high power application, lithium batteries can have a lifetime up to 9 times greater than the equivalent Alkaline battery. However, they offer only the same life as Alkaline in low power products such as clocks and pagers. In this case, you might be unnecessarily spending extra money. If you are looking for batteries for a low drain application, please look at Alkaline Batteries, or Rechargeables.

We carry photo lithium batteries in sizes CR-123, CR-P2, CR-V3, CR-2, 2CR5, AA, AAA, and 9V. All batteries can be bought in bulk. We carry brands like Duracell, Energizer, Evergreen, Lenmar, Panasonic, Samsung, UltraLast, and Varta.

Due to the changing laws imposed by USDOT, this product classifies as HAZMAT therefore, we reserve the right to determine what shipping method and carrier to meet USDOT shipping requirements. Please contact us for more information at (800)-515-2423.


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