#1 Get Professional Help

This will help you in many ways, first solar professionals will help you optimize your panel position relative to the sun so you maximize the energy your panels produce. Furthermore, you will avoid any pitfalls and likely complications that you will inevitably run into as an amateur installer. In addition, having a professional deal with the the then necessary permits and paperwork will pay for itself, professionals can even aid in getting financing and walk you through all the rebates and incentives and make sure your solar project qualifies.

#2 Consider Financing or Leasing

Solar projects are a major investment so it's important to understand all the options you have available to you as most solar installations cost over $10,000 even considering incentives. This can help you reduce the initial start up cost and let you benefit from solar power earlier you may have thought. A solar professional would be a good source of information to get your options in regards to financing and leasing.

#3 Do The Math

Understanding what you can make with an investment in solar power is not a simple process and a simple calculation will not do the trick. How much sunlight your solar panels will get is something a solar professional will be able to calculate upon visiting your home. Having a good understanding of the costs and savings associated with solar power should give you the confidence to move forward when everything lines up!