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  1. Recharge in a Flash

    Recharge in a Flash
      If there is one major complaint you have with your cell phones, it probably has something to do with the life of its battery and charging time. Although cell phones make our lives so much easier these days, it can become extremely frustrating when your battery is consistently dying or nearing the end of its life, particularly when you...
  2. We Can't Wait: Solar-Powered Smartphone Screens

    We Can't Wait: Solar-Powered Smartphone Screens
    Today’s smartphones are decreasing the need for people to own multiple gadgets since modern-day phones offer the features of an alarm clock, music player, GPS unit and much more. Despite the ever-advancing technology supplied by smartphones, battery longevity still remains a problem. Fortunately, smartphone developers are toying with a variety of concepts to address this issue, one highly anticipated idea...
  3. Bendable Batteries: Technology of the Future?

    Bendable Batteries: Technology of the Future?
    Shortly after LG Electronics announced that it would be releasing the world’s first vertically curved phone in its Asian markets, both the Daily Mail and CNET News reported that the manufacturer is developing bendable batteries to be used in their future, highly anticipated mobile devices. While LG’s bendable display screens stole the headlines in the first week of October, the company’s bendable batteries may...
  4. The Best Battery Saver Apps for Smartphones

    The Best Battery Saver Apps for Smartphones
    One of the biggest complaints that people have when it comes to using mobile devices is a short battery life. Smartphone batteries can be extended through the use of battery saver apps, but it is important for users to know which ones are worth a download before wasting time on an app that does not do what it is intended...
  5. Cell Phone & Smart Phone Battery Survivalist Guide

    The battery is dead, again. What happened? A few months ago, this battery would last for days. Now it is lucky to survive during the waking hours. It was fully charged last night. Today, battery life is essential, especially with the advent of smart phones that can play music, games, text message, do homework, and occasionally operate as a phone. Many people have opted to lose the land line and go completely mobile. This is all fine, until the battery dies while standing in the middle of Times Central Station with no way to charge it.

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