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  1. Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs

    Top 10 Life Hacks for Your Electronic Needs
    Old And Used Electronic Home Waste. In recent years there have been steep advances in electronics, and with it all, an equally strong public interest that has led many to utilize various forms of technology in everyday life. However, with all of the new gadgets, there also comes the hassle of keeping everything in order. A person can quickly become overwhelmed by the responsibility of maintaining a growing collection of electronic items. Luckily, there are many ways to streamline the growing complications. Continue reading →
  2. 6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines

    6 Battery Powered Items Replacing Gas-Powered Machines
    Electric Car And Gasoline Car Concept. Hand Holding Gas Pump And Cars aren't the only thing making the switch from gas to electricity. From lawnmowers to entire power plants, the gas engine is being replaced by batteries for a more efficient way of powering items. Let's examine why some items run better with batteries before looking at the numerous items being redesigned to work on electricity. Why Switch to Batteries? Batteries and the use of electricity represents a better solution for many things over combustion engines. Electrical items provide the same mobility as traditional tools, but they're quieter, produce less heat and tend to be more efficient in their usage of energy than their fossil fuel-burning counterparts. Continue reading →
  3. Salt: The Answer to Cheaper, More Practical Way of Energy Storage?

    Salt: The Answer to Cheaper, More Practical Way of Energy Storage?
    Many people believe that using renewable energy is not effective because not enough energy can be generated to meet the needs of a community. However, this is not necessarily the case. Renewable energy creates so much energy that we do not have large enough storage systems to sustain it. As a result, a great deal of the energy produced is...
  4. New Battery Could Transform Renewable Energy Storage

    New Battery Could Transform Renewable Energy Storage
    Renewable energy has become a hot topic in the last few years as more people understand how finite natural resources really are. While there are currently many sources of renewable energy, there are some major issues that keep them from becoming more popular. A Harvard team of researchers has recently discovered a new way to create batteries that could not...
  5. A Breakthrough in Battery Technology

    A Breakthrough in Battery Technology
    Battery Technology The idea of storing energy from renewable sources in batteries that are themselves made from renewable sources has certain poetry to it. A wooden battery might deserve an entire poem for itself. In fact, that battery is more than a fantasy. A team of researchers at the University of Maryland has developed a battery that uses wood – yellow pine, to be precise – as a substrate, reporting that the use of wood fibers avoids major problems that have long plagued some batteries. Continue reading →
  6. A Beginner’s Guide to Solar Power and the Kitchen Sink

    With summer coming to a close, many people are biting their nails over the electric bill because of all the A/C used on those sweltering days.  Maybe you’ve considered solar power as an alternative before and were overwhelmed by all the components required to actually set up a system.  Where does someone even get started setting up for solar? Unveiling the Magicbatteryman the magician The science of it may seem complicated at first: photovoltaic arrays, AC-DC inverters, photons, etc.  When you think about it in terms of everyday life, though,  it’s actually quite simple.  Everything starts with the sun, which produces light and heat, and that is turned into electricity.  Lightbulbs function with the same concept reversed.  Electricity causes microscopic particles (known as photons) to escape the atoms and bounce around, which produces light and heat.  A solar panel works in the other way, catching these escaped photons that come from the sun, which creates electricity. Continue reading →

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