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  1. Removable vs. Sealed Laptop Batteries

    Removable vs. Sealed Laptop Batteries
    Anyone who is in the market for a new laptop should be aware that there are two different battery types to choose from.  Removable batteries can be easily interchanged for convenience. Sealed laptop batteries are essentially stuck inside of the computer and cannot be changed unless a person who is knowledgeable about computer parts takes the laptop apart. Each of these sources of power has benefits and disadvantages. Continue reading →
  2. Putting Your Laptop Battery on a Diet

    Batteries are an essential laptop element. The technology available today, and the vast amounts of power spots make batteries an under the radar risk. However, if you are in a car ride, or an eleven hour plane ride to Japan a battery is what you need. Of course, everyone knows the basic tips. Stuff like, dim your screen, minimize processes, disable the wireless and so on. These tips can help get that bit of extra playtime on your flight, but there are more.

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