1. 5 Reasons Energy Conservation Should Be a Top Priority This Year

    5 Reasons Energy Conservation Should Be a Top Priority This Year
    Energy conservation is an admirable concept that can have far-reaching effects. If you've long wanted to help save the environment while saving money, you'll need to develop more efficient daily habits. Here are five superb reasons for making energy conservation a priority as in the New Year. 1) Lower Utility Bills Conserving energy will allow you to save money on...
  2. LED Lighting Benefits & Long-Term Advantages

    LED Lighting Benefits & Long-Term Advantages
    LED technology produces solid-state lighting products that do not require filaments like traditional incandescent light bulbs. An LED bulb consumes up to 90% less power than an incandescent bulb, and it converts 80% of electrical energy to light. This remarkably low power consumption is its most obvious and well-known strength, but many people may not know that this technology can produce quite a few other long-term benefits for typical homeowners.
  3. Frankenstorm - Were People Prepared for Sandy?

    Power Outages Across NY as Seen From Brooklyn Hurricane Sandy has already left over 8 million families without power, and estimates predict it will not return for up to 10 days.  She caused devastation up and down the East Coast of the United States, in places tropical storms rarely ever touch.  Stamford, Connecticut saw a storm surge 12 feet high.  A dam burst in New Jersey, leaving several towns under 6 feet of water.  Flooding such as that, as well as the high winds toppled cranes, trees, and parts of houses.  Fallen power lines pose fire danger, and over 50 houses have caught fire for this reason. One third of the nation was hit by Sandy, and this was only one storm.  Every year, dozens of hurricanes, winter blizzards, and earthquakes cause power outages around the world.  Whether they qualify as “Superstorm” or not, all of us are at one time or another impacted by the power of Mother Nature.  It is important to prepare.  To help with this, Good Morning America today did a segment called “Cooking Without Power after Superstorm Sandy.”  And for years, the American Red Cross has suggested that every family keep a disaster preparedness kit nearby with easy access. Continue reading →
  4. Electric Scooter for a Green World

    Driving alternative transportation can be fun and great for the environment. Check out Electric Scooters

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