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  1. An Emergency Preparedness Kit Must Have

    An Emergency Preparedness Kit Must Have
    Emergency preparedness requires individuals to be ready for anything that may happen at home, on the road or while spending time in the wilderness. However, after much consideration of items that would be necessary to have on hand during an emergency, many people fail to remember to one of the most important components for their emergency preparedness kit: something to...
  2. How to Prepare for a Camping Trip

    How to Prepare for a Camping Trip
    Camping is an exciting activity that children and adults can enjoy, and it is also an opportunity to learn and practice some useful skills. However, being ill-prepared for a camping excursion can be inconvenient and even dangerous. Solid preparation is the key to a safe and enjoyable trip. Here are some tips to guide your trip plans: Continue reading →
  3. Would You Buy a Hunting Knife from a Battery Store?

    Would You Buy a Hunting Knife from a Battery Store?
    Introducing Focus on Survival, our new eBay store for emergency supplies While this question may at first seem absurd – what possible connection can be found between these two products? – it is the reality of BatteriesInAFlash.com’s 2013 major project.  Throughout the last couple years, we have all noticed a series of worsening, bizarre weather and natural disasters.  Since when did tornadoes hit Pennsylvania?  Earthquakes in Haiti?  Even fresher in our minds is the shock of Hurricane Sandy striking New England in late October.  Would anyone expect a tropical storm to bring so much snow to hard struck areas?  The Northeast of the United States is still not fully recovered from the disaster. Seeing this surge of catastrophe’s awakened a new concern for BIAF’s owners Mike Dinelli and Avel Ureno.  We want to help our customers prepare for the unexpected storms and disasters that may face any one of us at any time.  For years we have already been selling flashlights, battery- and solar- powered lanterns, as well as Portable Backup Power systems and inverters.  Even that isn’t enough for us to feel like we’ve done everything for our customer’s safety.  To this end, we have opened an entirely new Focus On Survival eBay web store.  The goal is to provide people with everything needed to be prepared for an emergency, as well as other, fun outdoor equipment. Continue reading →

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