1. Taking Batteries into the New Year - 2013 Resolutions

    We’ve made it through the Black Friday rush.  The one that started on Thanksgiving, right after dinner’s dishes were washed and lasted clear into the next week.   On average, people spent $423 each that single day! Then, we successfully passed the end of the world.  12-21-12 didn’t have the same apocalyptic kick that the hype led us to believe.  Maybe this is because the Mayans were completely wrong.  After all, this isn’t the first time the calendar has ended and the world kept on turning.  Remember when BC switched to AD?  Or, perhaps, December 21st would have been a global celebration rather than destruction, since the ancient civilization traditionally celebrated the New Year on that day.  I particularly like to believe a recent commercial in which the company Jell-O makes a sacrifice to appease the angry gods. After that, came Christmas itself.  Continue reading →
  2. Win a Sony NAV-U GPS Unit by becoming a fan of BIAF on Facebook

    As a thank you to our Facebook fans we're giving away a Sony NV-U44 GPS unit to one of our facebook fans on the 1st of March 2010. We'll be posting a video of the drawing here on our blog on Monday the 1st of March at 4pm Pacific Standard Time.

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