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  1. Free Batteries - Where to get them

    Free Batteries - Where to get them
    Free Batteries!! This is what everyone needs to know these days. Where to get them and how. Everything you own anymore is wifi enabled, connected, bluetooth ready, wireless and so on. With all these electronics staying up on batteries can be tricky, not to mention expensive. So I will show you a trick I use in the office for all of our TV remotes, wireless mice, keyboards and more. Let the video be your guide. Continue reading →
  2. Can Silly Putty help create a breakthrough battery?

    Can Silly Putty help create a breakthrough battery?
    Plasticine of  Digital family - pad, phone, computer It's hard to resist the tug of a smile when imagining electrical engineers playing with silly putty. Dismiss the grin, switch playful imagination for objectivity, and we see the reality of the situation. The engineers of Riverside Bourns College of Engineering are actually researching ways to improve the efficiency of batteries with the aid of a compound found within silly putty. Thanks to this research, the nervous twitch of focus from smartphone screen to flashing low-battery icon may soon be a thing of the past. Continue reading →
  3. Batteries and Airline Safety

    Batteries and Airline Safety
    New Airline Warnings If you've flown in the past year or two, you may have noticed that one of the new airline safety warnings many airlines are issuing concern over is the presence of lithium ion batteries. Numerous airlines instruct passengers not to leave loose lithium batteries in their luggage. So, just how much of an airline safety threat are...
  4. Prepare Your Battery for the Off-Season

    Prepare Your Battery for the Off-Season
    boat off season As the leaves begin to change color and drop off the trees, you’re probably getting ready to retire your motorcycle, boat, four-wheeler or personal water craft until spring. With a little routine maintenance on the battery, you can make sure it’ll be ready to go once the warmer weather starts to approach. Follow these simple tips to ensure that your battery survives the winter. You'll find that putting in a little extra effort on basic prevention will benefit you in the long run and you can avoid purchasing a battery every spring. Continue reading →
  5. Aftermarket vs. OEM Batteries

    Aftermarket batteries are becoming a more prevalent choice against OEM batteries. What are the differences and advantages and how you can get the most of your battery life.

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