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  1. Determine How Many Cells In A Battery Pack

    Determine How Many Cells In A Battery Pack
    Working with batteries and battery packs is sometimes an overwhelming task if your new to it. As a blogger and battery store owner, I get alot of question about batteries. Such as, how many cells in a battery, comes up frequently. How many cells do I need to make a battery pack with a certain voltage. You get the point. Check out the video below to see me explain it. Continue reading →
  2. Do It Yourself APC RBC7 Battery Backup Rebuild

    Do It Yourself APC RBC7 Battery Backup Rebuild
    In today's world you would be hard pressed to find a computer system, audio system or any other electronics without a battery backup. They are essential to protecting valuable electronics and even more valuable information they hold. Without one, in a moments notice all of your computer's storage could become corrupted from a power surge, frying all your pictures, movie, music and or work. Yet this whole scenario could be avoided be simply owning and maintaining a battery backup. Continue reading →
  3. DIY: Laptop Battery Rebuild

    DIY: Laptop Battery Rebuild
    That laptop battery is not going to last forever. They never do. The cost of a new battery can set you back quite a bit, and always relying on wall outlets can be a hassle. If your battery is not up to par and dies quickly it may be time to replace. You don't always have to rely on others for all of your battery needs. This is a short introduction to how to do it yourself, and rebuild a laptop battery. This makes a fun project, but can be a bit dangerous. Safety first.

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