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  1. Determine How Many Cells In A Battery Pack

    Determine How Many Cells In A Battery Pack
    Working with batteries and battery packs is sometimes an overwhelming task if your new to it. As a blogger and battery store owner, I get alot of question about batteries. Such as, how many cells in a battery, comes up frequently. How many cells do I need to make a battery pack with a certain voltage. You get the point. Check out the video below to see me explain it. Continue reading →
  2. How Exactly do Lithium-ion Batteries Work? Part 2

    Lithium battery packs come in all shapes and sizes but share mostly the same components. If you were to open up a battery pack you would find several components. It is recommended not to open the battery pack, as it can lead to shortages and/or fires. The first component to look at is the actual battery cell. These battery cells almost resemble AA batteries in most cases. Some can be shaped similar to a 9-volt battery. These are the life blood of the battery. The pack also has several components to monitor the battery.

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