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  1. An Emergency Preparedness Kit Must Have

    An Emergency Preparedness Kit Must Have
    Emergency preparedness requires individuals to be ready for anything that may happen at home, on the road or while spending time in the wilderness. However, after much consideration of items that would be necessary to have on hand during an emergency, many people fail to remember to one of the most important components for their emergency preparedness kit: something to...
  2. A Brief History of the Battery

    A Brief History of the Battery
    Electricity. Can you imagine a world without it? We have become so dependent on electricity these days it’s probably difficult to consider a world where a battery simply did not exist. In the mid-1800s electricity was discovered and has remained one of the most novel findings the world has ever experienced.  There is some discussion that the use of electricity...
  3. Should You Go Solar?

    Should You Go Solar?
    There is a lot of buzz about switching to solar power for environmental and financial reasons, but how can one decide if going solar would be beneficial in their particular situation? There are several factors that should be carefully examined and evaluated before the decision to go solar is made final. Accessibility to Sunlight The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center  advises homeowners that...
  4. Football Party Power Checklist

    Football Party Power Checklist
    Football season is back in full swing and if you plan on hosting parties for those big game days, you know that you are going to want to be fully prepared so you don't have to miss out on any of the action. Today's cutting-edge technology can help you and your friends enjoy this football season more than ever before...
  5. The Best Battery Saver Apps for Smartphones

    The Best Battery Saver Apps for Smartphones
    One of the biggest complaints that people have when it comes to using mobile devices is a short battery life. Smartphone batteries can be extended through the use of battery saver apps, but it is important for users to know which ones are worth a download before wasting time on an app that does not do what it is intended...
  6. How to Safely Pack Batteries for your Next Trip

    How to Safely Pack Batteries for your Next Trip
    People need batteries to power the large number of personal electronic devices that they enjoy using. However, since the power source provides electricity, people must use caution when traveling with them. The Federal Aviation Administration’s Battery Safety Guidelines To prevent fire related incidents, the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, has put several battery safety guidelines in effect. Furthermore, the Transportation...
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