Surviving a potentially hazardous situation requires resourcefulness and quick thinking. It’s always best to be prepared when it comes to safety. There are numerous tools and gadgets available that can protect you, but it may not always be possible to have access to these items. Sometimes you must resort to using common household objects to keep you and your family safe from harm. One of the most versatile options, that are often readily available in a home, are flashlights. They can be carried virtually anywhere, and they're easy to manipulate. In certain situations, one of these handheld lights could hypothetically save your life.

Spot Danger in the Darkness

Darkness can intensify the level of danger in unsafe circumstances. It's disorienting, it obscures the surrounding area and it can trigger panic and fear. Criminals have the perfect backdrop of concealment in the darkness as well. A flashlight improves your vision in a dark environment so that you can be confident at all times. You can spot potential attackers as well as discover hidden hazards on the ground or in your path.

Ward Off an Attack

If you’re confronted by an attacker, you can use a flashlight to disorientate him or her. A device with a high lumen output will be bright enough to cause temporary night blindness in your assailant. By blasting the light in the attacker’s eyes, you overload his or her visual system. The key is to confuse the person long enough for you to make an escape. This concept works if you come across a dangerous animal as well.

Strike an Aggressor

Many people can’t carry self-defense weapons, but a heavy-duty flashlight is the next best thing. A tactical light or one that has a jagged bezel is ideal for safeguarding yourself against a physical attack. You can defend yourself quickly by swinging the light like a baseball bat or jabbing it at your assailant. Smaller lights pack just as much power because they are compact enough to hide in your hand but heavy enough to add force to a punch.

Escape From a Hazard Zone

Being prepared for a disaster means having a plan to find your way out of the danger zone. In the event of a fire, earthquake, flood or other catastrophe, it’s critical that you are able to escape in a timely and safe manner. A flashlight is the perfect tool for eliminating that panicked feeling many people experience during these types of situations. You can avoid injuries by lighting your path toward an exit.

Signal for Assistance

A flashlight can also save your life if you are lost or stranded. The brightness of the light will likely attract attention to your whereabouts, particularly at night. You can signal for help with virtually any light, but using a strobe light or copying the strobe effect will increase your chances at getting noticed. Do this by sending several quick pulses of light in a row.


In order to get the most of this multipurpose tool, have an assortment of sizes and types handy. Choose top-quality, durable devices that produce powerful and focused beams. Always keep a light easily accessible in your purse, briefcase, backpack and vehicle. Place several larger ones throughout your home as well. It is important to remember to always have extra batteries available to ensure a long-lasting light source. You may be surprised at how effective a flashlight can be when it comes to protecting yourself or your loved ones.