Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger

Charging a phone or music player while out and about is not always the easiest task. While car chargers can provide power when a person is driving, people who like to stay active and enjoy themselves when they reach their destination will not be able to use a car charger when their vehicle is turned off. Outlets may not be available if people are spending time outdoors or in an unfamiliar building. The Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger allows users to use solar power in order to charge their iPods and iPhones. The charger can even be used for emergency situations when solar power is the only available energy source.

What Is the Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger?

The Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger is an iPhone and iPod charger that uses solar energy in order to charge these products. This charger is lined with solar panels in order to provide a charge by harnessing the energy of the sun. An internal lithium-ion battery can be charged through a USB in order to allow the battery to transfer a charge to an iPod or iPhone. A fully-charged lithium-ion battery in a Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger can provide enough charge for two hours of talk time for an iPhone.

Why Should I Consider Buying a Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger?

People who are considering a solar charger for their Apple products may wonder why the Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger is an ideal choice. There are many benefits to purchasing the charger instead of similar products.

Key features of the charger include:

  • Compatibility with the iPod Touch, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS
  • Small solar panels that fold for easy storage
  • A leather travel pouch that offers style for on-the-go charging
  • Versatility that allows the charger to draw a charge directly from the sun
  • Optional use of an internal lithium-ion battery for charges without sunlight
  • A full charge within four hours
  • LED lights that inform users about the percentage of the battery charge. These lights are able to inform users when their device has achieved a charge of 25, 50, 75 and 100 percent.

Compatibility Issues To Keep In Mind

This charger is exclusively compatible with the Apple iPod and iPhone. People who are looking for a solar charger for their music player or cell phone should be aware that this charger can only be used in conjunction with Apple products. Other chargers are available for use with Android and Blackberry products.

The Wagan Tech Solar Exec-Duo Charger is a versatile charging accessory that can use the sun or an internal lithium-ion battery to provide on-the-go charging options. As one of our featured products this month, the Wagan Tech charger is now available at 22% off, so take advantage of these great savings today!